ECK Blog #3 Two big announcements for Germany

Germany is getting ready for some new theme park experiences in the future! A brand new coaster and a rethemed coaster are in the making. Which one are you looking forward?

by Henri

F.L.Y – the first flying coaster of Germany

The exclaims of anger were quite high when Phantasialand announced to shut down the IMAX-Simulator “Race-for-Atlantis” in early 2016. The golden dome was a trade-mark for the Phantasialand.

A little time ago, they announced that they will build a new area called “Rookburgh”, which will have a “steam-punk” style. Now they dropped the bomb again and announced that we will get the next big attraction. It´s called “F.L.Y” and will be the first flying coaster of germany and the first launched flying- and longest flying coaster of the world. More information will follow soon.

Source: Phantasialand
Source: Phantasialand
Source: Phantasialand

Eurosat 2.0

Europa-Park announced that they won´t open the indoor coaster “Eurosat” during this winter season.  They want to renew the coaster. The biggest suprise is a new track layout. It will feature two new stations, one for a virtual-reality-ride and one for a “normal” ride. They want to open it in 2018. The Europa-Park stated that it will create a whole new experience.


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