Tripreport: Swing into Spring at Disneyland Paris – March 12th/13th – Part 2

The Spring season is on at Disneyland Paris! But at the moment, some big rehabilitations are going on and the park is still open. How is it to visit the park in its current state? Here’s Part 2 of our trip report!

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Day two was sunny once again and we were there quite early as it is the perfect opportunity to do rides! First up, Fast Pass for Tower of Terror.

TIP: Use extra magical hours if you are staying in a Disney Hotel or when you have a Annual Pass that allows you to do this. Especially now as Discoveryland is open during this time and is the most busy area at the moment!

We were hoping to do Ratatouille Single Riders, but when we saw the queue, we changed our minds.

Back to the park, where we enjoyed a sunny walk on Main Street including the extra Swing into Spring decorations.

First ride of the day: Indiana Jones! Even though it displayed five minutes, it turned out to be fifteen, which still wasn’t that bad.

Ah yes, in Frontierland we were just in time to catch the Disneyland Railroad that recently reopened! You don’t really notice anything different, except that only two stations are open.


This station at Discoveryland will only open next year…

Easter Eggs! Here are the final ones!

The final show we still had to see was the Goofy Garden Party on Central Plaza. It’s the same one as previous years, but they really made a good decision by using the entire plaza. A little show is performed in the middle. Then, around the Plaza, the several characters walk along and perform their little dance. They stop at the same spot every time, so if you want to watch it from every side and see all the characters you can!

Recognize these Walt Disney World fans? Yes, they’re from the former Disney Stars and Motor Cars Parade at MGM Studios and used to be in Stars ‘n’ Cars at the Walt Disney Studios.

TIP: Especially on busy days, you really need Fast Pass! If you’re a thrill seeker, take them for Tower of Terror and Space Mountain.  As the queues remained long in the evening, they were must have.

So yes, we had our ticket for our final time to Endor! During this trip we definitely had to take them as the queues were quite long. In the future, they’ll be more necessary than in the past as the popularity will obviously increase with the update.

Back in the Studios, these were the waiting times…

Crush’s Coaster always has long queues, but I never saw a queue for the handicapped line!

After using our Fast Pass for Tower of Terror, we went back to the park to see the newly decorated Spring Train!

Two additional Easter Eggs! By the way, aren’t they bringing out a new Alice in Wonderland movie out and Finding Dory? 😉

Also new on the train is Chesire himself! It’s rare to see this character out!

Returning this year are the fruit decorations! This incredible artist can turn every watermelon into your favorite Disney character!

TIP: We had our lunch at 3 pm, when most guests are riding attractions. That way you can eat relaxed and avoid long waiting times by doing them later on.

My favorite restaurant at the resort is by far Agrabah Café! All you can eat, not too expensive and a great atmosphere.

One more time to Endor! The queue won’t look the same anymore next year, so had to have a good look.

The former arcade hall was already empty as it was about to close on March 16th.

We went back to the Forest of Enchantment and this time we were surprised to see that Baloo didn’t appear at all! That’s a good start for a new show…

Luckily, King Louie knew how to perform!

We ended our trip in the Studios by finally doing Ratatouille!

TIP: Go for Single Riders at the Ratatouille ride if you don’t mind. This queue is a lot shorter than the regular one as there are many families of four and two. This leaves an extra seat in a row of three that’s waiting for you! Except if you have a Fast Pass of course.

So this concludes our trip report! Even during this busy weekend with a lot of rides that were closed, we had a great time but you need to know where to go and especially when. Keep the tips in mind that we mentioned and see the effect!

cropped-NEW-ECK-logo-Feb-2016-001-Large.jpgThanks so much for reading our Swing into Spring Report. Besides this report, we have our Disneyland Paris Construction Update live here and our ‘Standing Still: 10 years of Disneyland Paris’ series here. Please keep in mind, all images found on this site, unless otherwise stated, are owned by European Coaster Kings! Sharing them is fine, but only if credit to is given!

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