Tripreport: Europa-Park – April 2016

Here we go! We finally got back to Europa Park after waiting quite a few months. Although we go there at least ten times a year, you never get bored. Read all about our two day trip!


From the highway, the park can be seen from far away, with Silver Star reaching to the sky. The waiting was almost over, and as we passed by the hotels and the sky line, we were almost there. First some good news: the weather was just amazing and it was quite hot for the beginning of April. On the other hand, this had also a downside… the park was sure to be crowded. Our prediction was right: the parking lot was already full and they had to provide more parking spots. A sold out park and yet a lot of happy guests with laughing kids running to the rides. Luckily these happy people also give the park extra charm on such a bright day.

In general, nothing has changed much since last year. One area did have construction going on which will be the new themed area of Ireland, set to open late Spring. So for now, it was inaccessible for guests. They put up a large big wooden wall around the area, so it was only visible via the monorail.


This new area, which will be the 14th European themed land, will be themed after Ireland, and will represent a small and green peaceful little fisher village. It will replace the former ‘Vikinger Land- Children’s World’, which was very popular for younger guests with its huge playground. So Europa Park is taking a risk by removing this beloved area, but it’s likely that nobody will be disappointed. Most of the rides, (the dino-carousel, the lighthouse and the boat ride) will not be removed, and the playground will be replaced by a bigger and better themed indoor-playground. In addition, three new rides will be added : a small kiddie coaster, which will be the parks thirteenth coaster (and for sure the smallest), a ‘Kontiki’ swing boat and a tractor ride. So this new area will remain a children friendly part of the park and will in fact be an improved version.


Most of the other novelties were not ready when we went. There will be a new restaurant, right next to the crocodile bar, and another one had just opened in the Dutch area. Another interesting novelty was the addition of virtual reality on the family-coaster Pegasus. Last year, Europa Park was the first park worldwide to add a VR experience to one of its coasters permanently. Alpenexpress Coastiality was a Mack powered coaster which was EP’s first roller coaster. This year, the park is going a step further with the concept , by coupling the VR world on Pegasus with the new 4D movie in the Magic Cinema, Happy Family. The story is an adaptation of the successful German novel for children written by author David Safier. This short 15 min movie is a sort of preview to the full length film which will be released in theater next year and will be Mack Media’s first full-length film. Guests are taken into the story by perfectly reproduced the VR adventure on the coaster. Similar to Alpenexpress, it increases the thrill of the ride a lot. The addition of Virtual Reality by Mack Rides is a great concept on the smaller or older coasters.


Thought there aren’t a lot of new things to do yet, we used our two days to enjoy all the good old rides in this amazing park. Our second day was less pleasant due to the rain, but that allowed us to do most of the rides in the park. Here are a few of our favorite coasters:

There is of course the famous Silver Star, always as thrilling despite the fact that the ride is almost 15 years old. This B&M Hyper coaster is one of the finest, highest and longest coasters in Europe.

Our favorite and most thrilling part of the park is the amazing themed Iceland area. Here, everything will transport you to the North, and the windy landscape of Iceland.



But apart from this incredible theming, two highlights of this park are the unique coasters, Blue Fire and Wodan Timbur coaster.

Blue fire is a launched Mega Coaster with four inversions. It opened in 2009 and was the first coaster with inversions for the park. It was Mack Rides first launched coaster, and served as a prototype for later models such as Helix in Liseberg. Despite its speed and inversions, it is a quiet family friendly ride, because it runs incredibly smooth. It’s a perfect ride for smaller guests which want to start riding the bigger coasters. Thrill seekers will love its awesome layout and elements, with the best one being the final heart line roll. Good particularities of this ride are the innovative seats without shoulder restraints, and the theming is not bad either.


The other coaster, and latest thrill ride in the park, is the GCI wooden coaster Wodan Timbur coaster built in 2012. With a top speed of 100 km/h and 40 m height, it is not only one of GCI highest and fastest coasters, it’s Germany’s second fastest wooden coaster. Above all, the themed queue is one of the best in EP.


The whole walk towards the station is in the spirit of the Nordic mythology. There is no time to be bored in the queue, you pass into two caves, by a small pond, and the queue is surrounded by lots of statues and figures from the mythology.



Another highlight is the spinning coaster Euro-Mir, Europe’s tallest, fastest and longest Spinning coaster, designed by EP founder Franz Mack himself.



Since the weather was rather drizzly, the indoor dark ride coaster Arthur-The Ride, one of our favorite rides, had a waiting time of over 90 minutes… It’s quite popular so in general, the queue is pretty long.


This novelty of 2014 includes a whole themed indoor area, and no doubt popular because it’s a fun ride for the whole family. It’s inverted, spinning and powered, with onboard sound and 4D effects! Eventhough it isn’t the biggest thrill, certainly a must-do on your list.


You can be sure that we will return this year to see discover more about Ireland and the new restaurants!

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