Tripreport: Swing into Spring at Disneyland Paris – March 12th/13th – Part 1

We’ve been talking about the past, the present and the future of Disneyland Paris. At the moment, some big rehabilitations are going on and the park is still open. How is it to visit the park in its current state? Is it worth a visit? Here’s a large pictorial report!

We arrived on Saturday around 4 pm. After a three hour drive, the resort was finally in sight! I guess we were the only ones arriving so late!

Love this poster of the Swing into Spring season!

When passed the improved security, first thing in sight were the green construction fences… Welcome to Constructionland! For a full report of all improvements, just click here.

Finally, in the park! The Mary Poppins topiaries have returned in Main Street USA.

We first went to Frontierland for our Big Thunder Mountain construction update and our Easter Egg hunt began as well!

They installed quite some signs on the ‘green’ fences around the mountain, like this Cowboy Mickey for example!

It was still a bit early for the new Forest of Enchantment show, so we had to idea to start with Pirates or Indiana Jones, but we quickly had to review that. The Agrabah of Adventureland turned into a real full crowded market.

Pirates of the Caribbean with a 105 minute wait? No thank you!

A stroll around the park then instead. And we found some new Easter Eggs along the way!

The park was full of European celebrities as some special photo shoots were organized. They are rounding them up for a Swing into Swing promo campaign and you saw a lot of City Hall guides escorting these special guests.

The queue for Alice’s Labyrinth… You’d think it’s busy on a sunny Saturday in March?

Another closed ride… No idea why, as it wasn’t announced on the website… Poor Snow White…

Discoveryland is the place to be at the moment as (for now) all rides are open. They even extended the opening hours of Autopia. But of course, the waiting times are quite long due to everyone being there.

Even Buzz is wondering why the birds are crapping on him…

A queue for Nautilus? You’ve got to be kidding me…

Ooooh, more Easter Eggs! At least it’s fun to find these.

After doing all the shops in Main Street, it’s clear that they are heavily promoting everything that has to do with Alice in Wonderland, next to the special Swing into Spring merchandise.

First attraction of the day, well show actually: The Forest of Enchantment! In the area they are playing the soundtrack from the several Disney movies that are featured in the spectacular.

Basically it’s the characters that were announced, each with their most popular song. But finally, they are singing live! It’s been a while since we really saw whole songs being sung live at Disneyland Paris! The stage is simple, but effective, as the Frozen Summer Fun show decor is all covered up by it.

The show features quite some new characters. There are several forest animals and creatures and a total of five live singers. Enchantella introduces each new scene and is supported by four other characters, each of them representing one of the four elements. They are Ragina (fire), Lucile (wind), Waterlilo (water) and Lezardo (earth)

First up is Pocahontas with a speed version of Colors of the Wind!

Next up, Jungle Book! Wait? Forest or Jungle of Enchantment? I guess they wanted to trigger guests into going to the new live action film of the Jungle Book.

The highlight of the show is definitely Tarzan. They pulled out the book of the Tarzan: The Encounter show and gave him a rope to do some incredible turns!

Then the stage was taken over by Rapunzel and her Flynn Rider. Together they sing ‘I See the Light’ which is well done. It’s pretty funny how they pull away the boat at the end of the scene…

Finally, Merida is running around the stage while Enchantella is singing ‘Touch the Sky”.

Of course at the end, everyone returns on stage for a brief moment as the finale. All-in all, the show is good. Especially since it’s been so long since we heard some live singing, not taking in account the Frozen Sing-A-Long as they only, well sing along! The only issue I have is the flow between the songs as it was good to incorperate new characters, but the show has no real story because of that. Obviously that choice was made due to the language problem at Disneyland Paris, but I feel there were other ways and that Disney could have been more original. The idea in itself isn’t bad, but could have been better.

It was getting darker outside and as we passed Sleeping Beauty Castle, I had to take shots from the awesome topiaries.

The newest addition is Tinkerbell, close to the Royal Castle Stage and she’s really well done, especially at night when her wings light up.

Another extra during the Swing into Spring season is the Mary Poppins show, now called “Welcome to Spring”!


It features Bert and yes, the Penguins!

The show is in fact a dance show, and from that point of view, it’s pretty good. It has all the hits from the movie and they made a good decision by showing it later on during the day. That way, as entertainment is usually gone after the parade (except for Dreams of course), we had another thing to watch before doing rides with much less waiting times. Thanks Mary and Bert!

Ah yes, another topiary and the new Easter Eggs at Central Plaza!

We quickly hopped to the Studios, but didn’t do any rides as here the queues remained too long. Just a few pics then!

Ratatouille still with a 120 minute waiting time… Single riders also 45 minutes… No thanks!

Back to the park and now it was time for the rides at last! Pirates of the Caribbean only five minute wait, fifteen minutes for Indiana Jones, five minutes for Phantom Manor… Much better!

TIP: Rides with long queues during the day that usually have a short queue: do them at the end of the day. It will save you a lot of time!

One hour before closing time, we realized that only seven rides were open at the park! This because Fantasyland closes early for Disney Dreams and they take Pirates of the Caribbean along as well now. So remaining were Phantom Manor, Indiana Jones and all the rides in Discoveryland. Which made the area pretty busy there. We made the choice between missing out on the start of Dreams and Space Mountain as final ride of the day. We went for the second, and it gave this interesting pic of Orbitron!

Read on as Part 2 is live here!

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