Trip Report: Walibi Holland – August 2016

Last weekend we did a little Dutch theme park weekend! First park on the list was Walibi Holland. It was a beautiful sunny day, crowds not too bad and plenty of coasters to ride. Let’s get to it with this short report!

There were already quite some cars on the parking lot, but in the end, the crowd was not bad at all. We couldn’t expect it to be very calm as it was still a sunny end of summer Saturday. Our first idea was to do the Ferris Wheel for a nice overview of the park. But every park fan knows it’s not a good idea to do the first ride you encounter (or second as the first one is Xpress: Platform 13).

We continued our walk towards the end of the park and the park’s top spin, Excalibur, was waiting for it’s guests. As I’m not a big fan of this standard Huss model, we skipped this one as well.

It’s best to start your theme park day with a coaster anyway, so here’s Robin Hood! Only one train on the tracks all day which made it one of the longest queues that Saturday. This time, only a fifteen minute wait luckily, so very much doable. We were sitting in the middle of the train which gave a more comfortable experience than usual. Quite nice to start the day!

Second ride and coaster of the day: Lost Gravity. Once again I was riding Walibi Holland’s newest investment. In the beginning of the day, the ride’s always a bit softer but I always love that first drop and first bunny hop.

The overbanked top hat is a nice break for the next part of the ride. It remains a weird structure to look at though.

Of course the park has a few other coasters to offer. Especially one of the best in the Netherlands! But no, it’s not this one below… The world’s first SLC also had a longer queue than the other rides, but I was definitely not going on. I can get concussions in different ways!

This beauty on the other hand is much more fun. Take into account that this type of coaster is very rare in this European region. Many consider it the best coaster of the Netherlands and I can agree when looking purely to the ride experience.

Hands up for some airtime!

We returned to Lost Gravity as we had a new arrival in our company who hadn’t done this Big Dipper yet. There were once again some small updates to the theming. This sign for example was installed.

The upside down trees now also had leaves on the cables, which I found a nice improvement!

A very rare design for a coaster train and I’m not just talking about the Big Dipper form, but also the mirror theme.

After a nice delicious fresh pizza, we waited in the warm summer sun for Speed of Sound. The ride wasn’t 100% as it had to do a test run now and then, plus the time between releasing the coaster was sometimes quite long. Luckily, it worked fine once on: pumping music and the more comfortable seats.

We couldn’t miss out on the water rides of course. The Crazy River splash was fun, but in general I’m a bigger fan of rapids. We noticed that it seemed as if there was more water in the track than in the beginning of the season. This time I was even a bit soaked due to the lovely waterfall along the way. But honestly I didn’t mind to cool down a bit.

The top three coasters of the park are definitely Goliath on one, Lost Gravity on two and number three was up next, Xpress: Platform 13. This former Superman ride and Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster copy is always more intense and fast than I remember. The queue is also nicely themed and it was actually the first time I had to wait a bit in it. Even though we went there later on during the day.

We finished the day with the number one: Goliath. Already two trains were running, which meant a 5 minute queue. Even for front row seats, so we did that twice. I like back seat a lot too on this one, but the front always gives a different experience. I just need to learn to close my mouth while on it, as I had a fly that stuck to my teeth at the end of the ride!

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