Trip Report: Parque Warner Madrid – July 2016

You could have guessed it already … if we were in Madrid, we had to visit Parque Warner as well! This top 20 European park offers a lot of fun rides and entertainment. Read all about our day at this former Six Flags park!

We immediately noticed that it was going to be a busy day as our bus was full and there was quite a queue for the parking lot. Once we arrived at the entrance, we walked on the Hollywood Boulevard in the burning Spanish sun.

The first ride guests encounter is the a certain theatre and I think California coaster fans immediately recognize the building!

It was my second time in the park and the way Hollywood Boulevard is made, always reminds me of the Walt Disney Studios. This entrance area is how they should be at Paris but who knows in the future…

Our first ride of the day was this one below!

Stuntfall! The Giant Inverted Boomerang remains one of the most intense coasters out there. These models have some technical difficulties from time to time so we wanted to be sure to have ridden it.

Guests have the tendency to start at the right side of the park. Stuntfall is on the left, so there was no queue at all. The perfect time to do the ride both front seat and back seat! Both are great, but if you really want to feel the intensity of the drop, back seat is better. The backwards drop is less powerful than forwards. The ride was surprisingly smooth so Parque Warner maintains it well!

Some of the guests had already found their way to the water ride next to Stuntfall. A splash battle themed by Yogi Bear! You need to be lucky though, that your water canon works!

We continued to the back of the park to see this beauty in front of us!

Is it a Vekoma? Is it a Zierer? No, it’s Superman! There are only two B&M Floorless coasters in Europe and this one is one of them. In addition to that, it’s the only Superman coaster.

Thanks to the Beach Parque Warner, it is now easier to take pictures of this awesome ride. We started with a front seat ride. Best to do this early on because in the evening the heat can be a bit uncomfortable in front.

The 7 inversions are pretty decent for a European coaster. My favorite element however is the airtime hill right after the cobra roll. The first time I went to Parque Warner, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about this one. Mostly because it isn’t as smooth as a B&M coaster usually is. Nevertheless, this time for some reason, I was able to really enjoy the forces of the coaster.

Superman isn’t the only DC superhero at the park. The only European Batman B&M Inverted clone is also to be found at Parque Warner, thanks to it’s Six Flags history. Batman La Fuga is a pretty forceful coaster and is well-maintained. Much better than the Vekoma SLCs that can be found all over Europe!

There is also a small Gotham area near the coaster where a new show was introduced! But we watched later on in the dark.

The Batman coaster wasn’t the only Batman ride. They also used to have a simulator ride about the popular super hero but it is closed since rumor has it that it will transform into a Justice League interactive dark ride next year!

The temperature was still rising, so we were happy to see Cataras Salvajes. This Shoot The Chute ride was the ideal way to cool down, and many guests had the same idea.  A classic, but effective splash!


The coaster in the Western area is of course Coaster Express. This woodie by Roller Coaster Corporation of America is one of the three still in operation. Do we like it? Well, not really… The experience is just too rough. When you saw the train pass by, the wheels of the coasters really looked like squares… It could do with a RMC transformation as the lay out in itself is not too bad.

The second water ride in the Old West Territory is Rio Bravo. The queue here was 40 to 50 minutes all day long. Mostly because there weren’t a lot of boats and a lot of Quick Pass guests. It has a unique feature in comparison to other flume rides, namely a backwards camel back.

The busiest area of the park was our next stop: Cartoon Village. Here, all kinds of rides are themed by the popular characters of the Looney Tunes, Scooby Doo, The Jetsons and more.

There are two family coasters in this area. One of them is ‘Tom y Jerry’! Yes, the famous cat and mouse have their own Zierer. It is a large Tivoli model with some fun theming.

The best ride in this area is most definitely Rápidos ACME. This Intamin rapid river was also very popular with a wait time of 50 minutes. It is a get-wet guarantee, which is ideal in the Spanish climate. As you pass by the different Looney Tunes characters, they are not afraid to spray you wet!

After a delicious pizza in Valentino’s on Hollywood Boulevard, we went to the Mad House of the park: El Hotel Embrujado. I am quite a fan of these types of rides and this is a pretty decent one. Only downside is that my Spanish is as good as my Zwahili, so I never understand a thing during the pre-show.

It was getting even warmer outside which led us to Beach Parque Warner. It was my first time there and I was very glad to cool down. We will do a separate report about this small water park soon!

Another novelty at the park, which can be seen on all the posters, is the meet and greet with the Justice League heroes. A few times a day, they gather in Superheroes World. The heroes are Superman, Supergirl, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Flash. They were quite popular thanks to the many adverts, even though the casting wasn’t always perfect.

Superman for example, well, let’s just say that it’s best that he’s standing in the shade…

The skyline of the park is determined by La Venganza del Enigma. This drop tower is once again a rare sight in Europe. There are three possible programs and during the day, they change at specific hours. There is Space Mode (launch), Turbo Mode (drop) and Combo Mode (both launch and drop). I am not a big fan of S&S drop towers as I find them less intense, but with the combo mode, you at least get both experiences.

On the screens with the wait time, we saw that ACME Rapidos had broken down. We definitely want to do the ride, so we checked from time to time in Cartoon Village.  While we waited, we did the final coaster on our checklist: Correcaminos Bip Bip!

This family coaster by Mack is incredibly smooth. It is the same type as the Flight of the Hippogriff ride at Universal Hollywood and Pegasus at Europa-Park . The hunt for Road Runner couldn’t be more fun!

Luckily the ACME Factory reopened and I was the lucky one to get soaked the most!

Parque Warner is open until midnight in summer. That means that you can walk around in the park in the dark as well. It has a good atmosphere in the dark, especially in Super Heroesworld with the many neon lights. In general the park is well themed for an amusement park of this type. Here for example, you might think that construction is going near the water area of the park but the crane is permanent decoration!

We didn’t do any shows as we were only one day at the park and did the water park instead. They do offer a few good ones such as the Police Academy Stunt Show, similar to Moteurs! Stunt! Action! at the Walt Disney Studios. Next to that one, there was a Scooby Doo Musical. As mentioned the newest show, however, was Gotham City Streetmosphere Show.

The stars of the show are The Joker and Batman. The dark hero comes to the rescue to disturb the evil plans of the Joker. As everything was in Spanish, that’s the basics I got from the story. I only watched half of it, as not a lot more was needed. Nevertheless, the show is a good addition as it gives some dynamics to the area.

After a final ride in Turbo Mode on La Venganza del Enigma, which gave a beautiful night time view, it was time to go home.

Parque Warner is definitely a top theme park in Europe. Should you plan a city trip to Madrid for? Most certainly yes! Three top coasters, lots of water rides, both indoor and outdoor attractions and a swimming pool! That’s all folks!

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