Trip Report: Parque de Atracciones de Madrid – July 2016

The summer vacations have started! That means theme parks are preparing themselves for a lot of guests thanks to the sunny skies. We started our theme park summer in Spain’s capital: Madrid. In the center itself, you can easily reach the city park: Parque de Atracciones!

Parque de Atracionnes de Madrid is situated in the green area of the city, easily accessible with the metro. Since 1969, guests are finding their way to the several interesting rides. The park received a major update in 1998 and is now in the hand of Parques Reunidos.

As a theme park fan on a city-trip in Madrid, you cannot resist to take the metro to stop: ‘Batan’ to arrive at the city park. First thing you spot is the park’s Funtime Starflyer and soon after the top coaster: Abismo! As good coaster fans, we walked towards the ‘Maquinismo’ area of the park which has all the most thrilling rides. First up: Tarantula!

With a height of 25.5 m (83.7 feet) and a top speed of 68 km/h (42.3 miles/h), this spinning coaster is one of the tallest and fastest ones out there by Maurer. It’s easily one of the top rides at the park as many could use an awesome spinning coaster like this one. Since it wasn’t too busy, the queue wasn’t too long. We were lucky to be two adults on one side, and one child on the other side. That way, the train did quite some spinning and in the beautiful sunny weather, that never disappoints.

The sunny weather also has a bit of a downside. The heat can tear you down quickly, so we had to seek some refreshment. The small splash, El Aserradero, nearby was perfect for that, but it’s a weird one for sure. Before going up the lifthill, it feels as if the boat will be thrown out of the ride. The several lifthills are very steep, which makes this Zamperla flume ride quite uncomfortable. In the end, it’s all about the water and that was successful.

The main coaster of the park is without a doubt Abismo. It’s the only XT 450 model by Maurer and has a perfect spot in the park. Once going up and reaching the top, the city of Madrid is beautifully turned upside down. But that’s when the fun begins as after the drop, more airtime and g-forces await. Abismo is definitely an intense coaster and can cause some grey-outs!

Underneath Tarantula, there is the special dark ride of the park: ‘Cueva de las Tarantulas’. If you’ve got arachnophobia, this won’t be your ride. In this shooter, when hitting the targets, spiders appear out of the dark to scare the guests. Your score can only be seen at the end of the ride. Opened in 2006, it seems a lot older than ten years. Still, it will be a fun stop in between the thrilling rides.

The second area we went was ‘Naturaleza’. Here there are more rides for the whole family including the rapid river Los Rapidos, the shoot-the-chute Los Fiordos and coasters Vertigo and TNT Tren de la Mina. This last one is a fun Gerstlauer coaster for the whole family. It runs smooth and many parks should consider it.

In 2014, the children area received a new layover and name: Nickelodeon Land. A popular name that gave a fresh feel to the area. It includes the popular characters such as Sponge Bob, Dora the Explorer, Jimmy Neutron, Fairy Odd Parents, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more.

We returned to the Star Flyer area to ride it. Here again, it gives a beautiful view of Madrid and you can spot the Atletico Madrid Stadium from 80 m (262 feet) high.

In this ‘Tranquilidad’ area, there is also a boat ride with an African animal tour. One advantage about a city park is that it has a lot of trees to protect guests with some shade for the hot weather. Here the green is the only positive side on the old animatronics.

Close by is the newest addition for 2016: A Walking Dead Horror house. Tickets are not included in your entrance fee and since we’re no horror house fans, we left it aside.

The other dark ride of the park was closed. This is a ‘It’s A Small World’ like ride, but we didn’t mind at all that it was closed. They should better demolish it right away…

There are a few shows in the park, one of which is the encounter with the Turtles! All four performed on a small stage and were then around for a meet and greet.

With the adaptation of the Kids area to Nickelodeon, the old Eifeltower was placed on a different location in the Maquinismo area.

One main coaster remains and it’s Tornado. This inverted coaster by Intamin is once again a rare sight in the European theme park world. The only other one is found in Finland. It is not the smoothest coaster, but it was not too bad this time.

Tarantula and Abismo are reason enough to make a quick stop at the park if you have the time. Due to low crowds, an afternoon was more than enough. The park is open until midnight in the summer and the later on, the more guests you’ll encounter. So ideally, go in the afternoon or morning to experience these awesome coaster.

To conclude: our Slow Motion video of the park!

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