Trip Report: Efteling – July 2016

The wonderful theme park in the Netherlands is another top 20 park in Europe that we visited this summer. It truly is a themed park with a broad history, it’s own character and much more. Would you want to visit this world of wonder? 

You may or may not have seen this amazing commercial that the park released this year! To have an impression of what to expect from this park, have a look!

Our day at Efteling started with Pardoes, the park’s mascot, who welcomed us in the park.

When walking below the entrance, you turn left to enter the park. Here you have a large pond where the third largest fountain show in the world is playing daily. They give a little preview in the morning!

The park is pretty big. We started our day at ‘Ruigrijk’ at the back of the park which is home to most of the park’s coasters. We walked right on a large green lane towards our destination. Here we already spotted one of the top coasters of the park: Baron 1898!

As it is summer time, the park was pretty busy. So the lines for the coasters were pretty long. We alternatively continued towards the other side of the park (yes, you always need good walking shoes when visiting Efteling) to go on the Flying Island ride: Pagode!

This ride is such an icon for Efteling. As you drive up to the parking lot, kids (and adults) are always trying to spot this magnificent tower rising from between the trees. Another fun thing about this ride is that it gives you a nice green overview of the park! You can see the hotel, the exciting coasters and more!

Nowadays, it’s also a good way to get a sneak peak of Symbolica, the new ride for 2017! Check out our update about Symbolica here!

First coaster of the day: Vogel Rok! The indoor Vekoma coaster with laser effects and mostly, a lot of darkness. The bird itself is always watching carefully when guests enter underneath it to ride.

Right next to it is the ‘It’s A Small World’ of Efteling: Carnaval Festival. Just as the Disney ride, it has a song that will get stuck in your head all day long. It’s the least appealing dark ride of the park to me. The scenes are funny, but as a whole it doesn’t feel finished compared to the other attractions in the park.

We walked further to one of the back corners of the park where there is a much better dark ride: ‘Droomvlucht’. It’s another icon of the park which takes you into a world of fairies and trolls like no other ride. It has suspended vehicles on a kind of coaster track. So according to some coaster counting sites, you have a credit with this one. Below you see the entrance of the ride and do you see those lamps? Some of them are moving in such a way as if a fairy is hiding in it! How cool is that?!

On the same square there is another ride that many fans are in love with: Villa Volta. This madhouse has a unique program, a very fitting backstory and in the winter, it has a project mapping show on its facade!

Only when a pure soul enters the house, Hugo van den Loonsche Duynen will be saved from his curse. Will you be able to release him?

Efteling has very much been part of the Dutch culture for years. And will continue to be. It all started with the famous fairy-tale forest. It is the best one I’ve ever visited, always worth doing a walk through the forest every time. The first one is one of the original ones: Sleeping Beauty!

The forest features a lot of well-known tales but is unique because of its many lesser-known ones. For example, everyone in the Netherlands knows this guy below. His name is Langnek and is one of ‘The Six Servants’, a story by the Brothers Grimm.

Every so many years, new tales are being added. The newest addition was added this year: Pinocchio! The story has three scenes. The first one is the toy shop of Geppetto. He’s not there, as he is looking for Pinocchio, so the mice have taken over his home.

The only person that is popping in from time to time is the Blue Fairy as she’s worried about the lost wooden boy.

Scene number two includes the Fox and the Cat of the story. They are very cool and funny animatronics. You seem them hiding in barrels and they pop-up from time to time in a very smooth way.

The final scene is the monster fish that swallowed both Pinnochio and his father. Here you can move a fishing rod that activates the scene with the monster. It can spray water, it shows the wooden boy and his father, but then changes to a screaming Pinnochio. For sure an excellent new tale to the forest!

After a nice walk, it was time for some more action! Baron 1898 was waiting for mine workers… we were happy to apply!

New in the queue were several themed covers at certain corners. Much better to protect guests from rain or strong sunlight.

Also new is the better bag system. Right before you enter the preshow building, you get a number where the bag is stored. A free service!

Gustave had a watchful eye when looking at us, would we be up for the job?

Once again, Baron 1898 was amazing! It is not the most extreme coaster out there, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s comfortable, amazingly themed and has an awesome drop. That’s why I love it!

Next to this B&M, there is a special coaster: De Vliegende Hollander (Flying Dutchman). This water coaster is also a dark ride and slightly thrilling. A fitting ride for Efteling with the most amazing music. This song will replace the Carnival Festival one in your head for sure.

The station of this ride is just as Baron 1898, quite stunning. A very cozy port takes guests on the adventure of the Flying Dutchman and its curse.

For those of you who do not know, there are some awesome trash cans all over the park. The original ‘Holle Bolle Gijs’ thanks you when you enter a piece of garbage in his mouth, a good way to keep the park clean. This one below is one of them and used to be on the spot where the Pinnochio fairy tale is installed now. A fitting new home!

Just like Disney, Efteling has a lot of details. A new small addition sponsered by Coco-Cola is now in ‘Station de Oost’. Here you’ll find a special music box!

It seems as a luggage office but once you open the little bottle, the inside reveals itself. Have a look at the little video we made!

When in the Netherlands, you can find these walls with snacks of all kinds. We couldn’t resist taking one of these along the way!

A classic Vekoma ride is still standing tall in the ‘Ruigrijk’ area. For many fans still a must-do for the park. I would prefer a new ride instead in the future. Nevertheless we rode the snake coaster with improved trains since 2011.

Two coasters remain: Joris en de Draak! This dueling wooden coaster is another world-class ride in the park. You can choose between Fire or Water. It was a busy day, but unfortunately there was only one train on each track. That’s why there was quite a wait for this challenge against the giant dragon.

Fan of Pirates of the Caribbean? Then you’ll love ‘Fata Morgana’. Many think that ‘Droomvlucht’, the fairy flight, is the best dark ride at Efteling, but for me it’s this jewel. Here you are taken on an Arabian journey with stunning scenes.

There aren’t too many water rides in the park, which is normal due to the climate. Still, there’s the family favorite: Piraña! This rapid river has a nice run, cool water effects… everything you need for a good water ride.

Since last year, you can spray the other guests by putting your hand near one of the new statues. Timing is of the essence though!

Efteling is enjoyable even if you’re not a daredevil. You can enjoy walking around in a green environment while looking at exciting installments.

What better way to end the day with another ride on Baron 1898? Some might say Aquanura, but the show is at its best at night time. The park was only open to 20h, so that wasn’t possible. Every Saturday though, they are holding a ‘Negen Pleinen Festijn’ with extended hours. This is basically a celebration held on the nine squares all over the park. As this was not the case, we ended with some B&M drop time!

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