Trip Report: Drievliet – July 2016

We’ve written mostly about the biggest parks in Europe so far. Not so long ago however, we were at the small park: Drievliet. This charming park in the Netherlands was a first time visit for us, and we welcome you to read along. Are your clogs ready? 

The road towards the park was not too easy to find. After a main road, you drive through an industrial area in between construction sites to the park. Drievliet has a nice entrance building, after which you immediately enter the Ocean area. As you can see here, quite a few people take the bike to the park!

The ‘Lol Atol’ or Ocean area has plenty of fun rides for the whole family. It includes many thrill and family rides!

Here you can enjoy a boat ride on rails! Really like the cute whale design!

Also love this unique themed breakdance!

The biggest thrill ride of the park however, is Nautilus. It has quite a long ride time!

Our first coaster of the day was Twisterix. It’s a Maurer Spinning coaster like I’ve never seen before.

Instead of seperate single trains that spin, there is a long train of eight cars. At first you’d think, it doesn’t look like I’ll spin a lot… But once it gets going, in some turns, you’d be surprised! The track is pretty small but it goes around twice.

The ride is found in the Farm area, which also includes an indoor singing barn and a large slide on top!

Our second coaster was Dynamite Express. A small powered by Mack, so not too special. Kids will love it though and fits perfectly in the park.

Right next to it, there’s another coaster: Kopermijn (Copper Mine). A classic Wild Mouse. Those who like a rough experience, will enjoy this one!

There’s also a jungle area with a ride I had never done before (don’t hate me now!): A troika. It seemed fun, but as many of the rides, there are specific opening hours… So I needed to return later on.

The only dark ride in the park is this spooky Museum. It’s a carnival/fair ride that will not scare you at all. This could do with a nice makeover.

One of the rides that opened later on in the day, only at 1 pm, was the major ride of the park: Formule X!

A very compact launched coaster by Maurer. The most interesting feature about this ride is how quiet it is. When the train passes, you are not even aware that it happens. It has several special elements including a LIM launch, a Heartline Roll, an Immelman and a 135 degrees overbanked turn!

The theming is a bit easy, the song they made will get stuck in your head, not too long… In the end, it’s an okay coaster but it does not ‘wow’ you. It’s fun and perfect for this kind of park. It could do with just a bit more thrill. Nevertheless, we very much enjoyed it, especially since there was no queue.

Drievliet opened two new rides this year: Flying Bikes by Zamperla  and a Zierer Freefall tower. Both had quite a queue as the main focus of the park is definitely families.

We returned to the back of the park for the Troika. I did enjoy this type of flat ride, they are more and more of a rare sight in Europe.

It was almost time to leave, but we still did two rides. First off, a final ride on Formule X! What I enjoyed the most about this ride is that next to being so quiet, it’s also very smooth.

In the Ocean area, we still had to do one ride: De Kwal (Jellyfish).

An enterprise has always been one of my favorite thrill rides, but these also disappear every year. The jellyfish theme is just pure awesomeness!

For a small park, Drievliet has many rides. It’s a classic family park with some very well themed rides for everyone to enjoy. Formule X and Nautilus deliver a bit of punch for the older kids. Also, you should check out this park in Google Maps to see how narrow it is! Especially the entrance area.

Let conclude like this: If you are looking for a Dutch experience near The Hague, Drievliet is the place to be!

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