Trip Report: Attractiepark Slagharen – August 2016

Attractiepark Slagharen was the second park during our short Dutch Theme Park weekend! Have you heard of this special park? Maybe, maybe not, but we definitely had to visit this park this year. Why you may ask? It’s the last year that Thunderloop, a Schwarzkopf ‘Looping Star’ model, will be open.

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Our day started rather dull. On our way there, we drove through thunder, heavy rainfall and detours to avoid a major traffic jam. But we made it, and many other people did. Never expected the parking lot to be so full on a rainy Sunday. There were quite some people from Germany, as Slagharen is not too far for them.

Luckily, they are prepared for rain, as there is a covered walk way from the parking to the entrance. Once we arrived, entering the park took a little time. One of my friends had a ticket on his mobile phone. However, due to the thunderstorm the day before, the scanners were apparently a bit damaged and could not scan them. Luckily, anyone was free to print them at the reception for free.

Finally in the park and the structure is pretty easy: two large squares and a big main street in the middle. Guess what, the street is actually called Main Street! It has a lot of funky shops, eat facilities and even some rides.

Our must do was of course this one: Thunderloop!

I had never done this type of coaster before, even though there had been a few in my region in the past. After missing out on those, I was glad to finally ride this Schwarzkopf and it’s amazing how smooth this 37 year old coaster is. Unfortunately, due to high maintenance costs, it’s got to go…

What better way to go back to the other square by taking the chairlift? I did enjoy this type of ride as it gave a nice overview of the park.

The park’s drop tower was also down due to the lightning that had struck the day before…

The first ride you encounter after getting out of the chairlift was: Nautilus Explorer.

This was my first Twist ‘n’ Splash by Mack and how cool is this thing? I’m not a very big fan of Splash battles in general, but this type of ride is a lot of fun. We were lucky with the weather, which had turned into humid summer warmth, but still. Also, the operator had a hand free microphone to entertain the guests while riding. A very pleasant surprise!

The area where we were in was quite new (2013): Jules Vernes Adventureland. Other fun stuff here was the enterprise …, also by Schwarzkopf! It feels as if it’s faster than the Huss variant, perhaps due to the smaller seats.

Besides Thunderloop, there is only one other coaster and it’s also train themed: Mine Train . This Vekoma junior coaster is exactly the same lay-out as Flight of the Hippogriff at Islands of Adventure in Orlando.

The park’s characters are Randy and Rosie. What you need to know about Slagharen is that it’s more than just a theme park. It’s mostly a vacation park with little homes where instead of a subtropical swimming pool, you can visit a theme park instead.

Oh hang on, it actually has both! The newly opened Aqua Mexicana is a larger form of the former swimming pool. So you can imagine that this vacation destination attracts a lot of guests.

So Randy and Rosie are quite popular! Here you see their large lock on the bridge that connects the main street with the Thunder Loop area. Where did they get this idea? 😉

Other fun fact, you can actually drive your car in this park! Next to this bridge, there was a connecting road between two areas of vacation homes so all of a sudden, a car was in front of us!

The main street had many purposes, including a parade that passes every day in Mardi Gras style. Not really the Disney quality, but they tried, even with using the former Disneyland Paris song: ‘La-di-di Carnaval’! Weird!

The rides on Main Street give a nice view of the park. If you’re not fond of a Ferris Wheel, there is also a small panoramic tower. Here you have a good sight of the park’s vacation homes.

The park has one dark ride: Wild West Adventure! I didn’t look up a lot about the park’s rides, as I like to be surprised. Here that was definitely the case because of two reasons: the longest queue of the whole weekend and the type of boats. This classic dark ride did not have regular boats, but round ones! So it’s closer related to a rapid river than a log flume! You always have something to look at during the ride, which is important with these types of boats.

Let’s talk about some of the parks thrill rides! Near Thunderloop, there’s a good old Bounty Tower. Not a lot of those are left! It had a shorter program than the one in Parque d’Atracctiones and this made it more enjoyable, although the view was less good.

Also renewed this season was the park’s Octopus ride, or should I say rodeo! A job well done and I had quite a spin on these bulls! And guess what? It’s also a Schwarzkopf ride!

This last one is also a very special one: Zweef Apollo. Imagine a flying carousel with a large planet in the middle, well here you have it! You fly lower than a classic one, but it’s a very soothing experience. It’s definitely an eye-catcher for the park as well!

So overall, Slagharen is a very different type of park. It has plenty of rides, a lot of entertainment and a unique experience if you are staying on property. We will miss it’s largest icon though: Thunderloop. With the removal, only four Looping Stars will remain But when it’s out with the old, it’s in with the new! Gold Rush will be the newest coaster for 2017. Gerstlauer will be delivering the so far unknown type of ride. I’m glad to have experienced it and if you haven’t, there still time until October 2nd. Rest in pieces soon, my friend!

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