The Coasters of Thorpe Park

This summer Yannick and Alex went to the UK to discover the thrills that are offered at Thorpe Park, the “Nation’s Thrill Capital”. Read on for our opinions about their world-class roller coasters!

Despite the fact that we visited in different weeks, we both found Flying Fish and Stealth closed due to maintenance, so unfortunately we couldn’t ride those two. But all the other coasters were operating, so we had an awesome time trying them all!

The Swarm

Let’s start talking about the newest coaster at the park, “The Swarm”, a Wing Coaster from B&M that opened in 2012. Probably thanks to its age, its manufacturer and its new restraint design, this coaster is comfortable and butter smooth.


It has a good layout that interacts pretty well with the theming around it, including some unique near-miss elements that enhance the ride experience, such as the billboard, the turn over the lake and the station fly-by. But we felt that the ride time was a little short.


Also, “The Swarm” had the first dive drop ever made which is quite an impressive start of the ride, especially if you are on the right side.


Many people complained that it’s quite forceless and that it could be more intense, but we don’t see this as a problem here. It’s very enjoyable and re-rideable and that also mean guests from various ages can enjoy the ride.


We found the theming of the area quite impressive. It feels very complete, with a defined storyline and some clever themed elements. Simple but effective. And of course, there’s THE FIRE BALL!!


We enjoyed this ride a lot, even though we don’t think it’s the best Wing Coaster in Europe. You can find our comparison of The Swarm to other European Wing Coasters here! Our ratings for this coaster are:

Alex: 8/10

Yannick: 7.5/10


Colossus is the ride that put Thorpe Park on the map. At the time of opening, it was a record-breaking roller coaster, as it broke the record of most inversions, featuring 10 of them. That, plus a cool layout made Colossus a great coaster.


The problem is that Colossus hasn’t aged very well. Now it’s rough and uncomfortable, due to its very tiny trains, which makes the experience even worse. The Intamin over-the-shoulder restraints don’t helps at all as your head is banging.


Because of all those things, we don’t think Colossus is a re-rideable coaster if you only have 1 day to visit the park. Yes, it has 10 inversions, but it’s not amazing – it has neither great G-forces nor amazing airtime.


Despite all those drawbacks about the coaster, we loved the theming and the surroundings. The area has paths and bridges here and there, and the coaster goes through trenches and then over your head, which creates an amazing atmosphere for a coaster lover, as you have trains constantly passing by you, especially while in the queue.


Also part of the experience is the very noticeable amazing soundtrack which fits perfectly with the coaster (and it will get stuck on your head for days).

In our opinion, Colossus is not the best coaster at the park but it’s totally worth riding it to have it on your coaster list! Our ratings are:

Yannick: 4,5/10

Alex: 6/10


We have to say that this one is the coaster that disappointed us the most. With Thorpe Park having such awesome coasters we simply think that is the least interesting of them all. It’s a familiar coaster that is getting old and is trying to survive being rethemed and being interesting for the new generations. The actual theme is electronic music, and despite the theme is good, the execution is pretty bad, with low quality theming and nonsense elements.


X is a fun coaster, but not for teenagers searching for adrenaline. But it’s one of the few indoor rides from the park, which at rainy days can be a good alternative. Taking into account all that, our ratings are:

Yannick: 2/10

Alex: 4/10

Nemesis Inferno

Nemesis Inferno was the first B&M at Thorpe Park. The story of this ride is linked to the original Nemesis at Alton Towers and despite its differences, comparing them is inevitable.

Nemesis Inferno

First of all, Nemesis Inferno is a great coaster. It’s forceful, it has a good layout and the theming is good, but as the original Nemesis is such an amazing and top coaster, the one at Thorpe tends to be underrated. Probably is a mistake from Merlin to link them, and a different name could do a favor to Nemesis Inferno.

Nemesis Inferno

But let’s talk about this volcano-themed coaster. We loved the interaction this ride makes with the environment, especially in the queue section. The trains run very close to people’s heads, which creates a cool effect. In addition, the area features plenty of vegetation, so it really looks like a jungle.

Nemesis Inferno

The layout, despite being pretty traditional, has some main elements that are particularly aesthetic and photogenic such as the interlocked corkscrews.

Nemesis Inferno

As many other coasters, the experience is different depending on the row you ride in. In the last row you got more intense forces, while in the first row the ride feels significantly faster. Like other rides at the park, there’s a free first row queue you can take advantage of and wait a little longer to be the leader of the train, totally worth it!

Nemesis Inferno

As Colossus, the soundtrack at Nemesis Inferno is very catchy, and it’s worth mentioning – and listening.

Our ratings for Nemesis Inferno are:

Yannick: 6,5/10

Alex: 7,5/10

Saw: The Ride

It is said by many people that Saw: The Ride is the best ride at the park. This Gerstlauer’s Eurofighter is the only rollercoaster to be themed to a horror franchise and well-projects the sensation that something bad is about to happen.


In the queue, you can hear frightening sounds from inside the main building, which hypes you up for the coaster and about what’s awaiting you inside. The main show building is one of the surprises of this ride. The coaster has an indoor section featuring unexpected elements and effects.


Once outside, the coaster doesn’t disappoint either. As opposed to other coasters in the park, Saw is away from any pathway and gets around the forest, so you really don’t know what you’re going to find.


With a layout filled with ejector airtime and sudden and beyond vertical drops, Saw is not as rough as it may seem. Yes, it’s intense, because there are some points where G forces are pretty insane, such as the bottom of the main drop. But after that, the ride is quite enjoyable.


As for our personal experience, our ratings for Saw: The Ride are:

Yannick : 9/10

Alex: 7/10


We have some extra content for you! Following our “Slow Motion” video series, we brought to you the one from Thorpe Park. Enjoy!

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2 Replies to “The Coasters of Thorpe Park

  1. I liked reading this because Thorpe Park is my home Park, when you said about colossus being a head banger, if you ride it in the front row it’s normally fine. I agree what you said about saw because it is my favourite ride in the park and you don get some good forces on it. Also I agree with you swarm review, it is annoying it’s not a longer ride. Lastly X is a kid Coaster that isn’t meant to be intense, that’s since the re theme of the ride. Unlucky about stealth because it’s mega intense and you pull 4.5g’s on it, don’t be bothered about riding flying fish, it’s another forceless Kiddie Coaster.

    – U.K Thrill Rides 🙂

    1. Hi Edward, thanks for the comment 🙂 I see we agree in many opinions and I like to read your opinion as a frequent visitor. About Colossus, I rode second and last row and, at least for me, it wasn’t very different. It’s a pity we couldn’t ride Stealth, but now we have an excuse to visit the park again!

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