How To Prepare For Your Next European Theme Park Trip

The theme park season in Europe has started. Even though some of us already visited some parks, the big trips are usually yet to come during the summer. But what to do until then?! Well, we got you covered! Check out our tips to keep yourself occupied while waiting for your next theme park trip!

by Alex 

Become obsessed with the trip

You can never check too many times your trip schedule, just in case you’re missing something. Maybe there is still another park nearby? Sites like the Park Guide of can help with that, eventhough it’s in Dutch. It shows all the rides at the park, to make you help with your choice. Of course RCDB can help you out to prepare for your new coaster credits! Warning, possible consequence is realizing that you’ve spend too much time watching weird Chinese coasters on Youtube.

And this.


Follow construction

It’s probable that you’re going to ride some brand new rides opening this season and an exciting time for every park enthusiast is to follow their construction since the first foundation. But beware of spoilers, you might want to protect yourself from all of them! 🙈

Most parks share the construction of their rides but in order to have the latest news, there’s a lot of Facebook pages and Instagram profiles to check out (such as ECK’s ones 😏), as well as a rollercoaster subreddit. But one of the leading webs is Screamscape, that provides daily info from the European and global industry. It’s worth a look from time to time.



Learn the basic words in the foreign language

If you’re doing a route through Europe it’s possible you’re going to visit more than one country. And with every country, there’s a new language where you might not speak any word of it! It would be advisable to check some of the basics before travelling. So start practicing that German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian and more! Otherwise, you can always use Google Translate or hope for the best with sign language. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Check Instagram Stories

Or any kind of social media really. But I personally build my hype when I see IG stories of the people I follow visiting other parks. I know I’ll soon be there too! Also, I like the fact that the stories are instant and spontaneous, so that gives you the feeling of that particular day at a park. Don’t forget to reply to the stories too by asking burning questions. Our team for example is happy to help!


Visit your local park

The best way to temporarily calm down your thirst of coasters is to visit your local park, as small as it might be. Maybe there’s some coaster that gives you the rush of adrenaline needed to face such a desirable destination you’re waiting for! And it’s also great to rediscover those parks near you 🙂

So, what do you do to fight the long passing time until your next trip? Share your thoughts on the comments below or on our social media: Instagram and Facebook, as well as Twitter!

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