The Walking Dead coming to Movie Park Germany in 2016

Movie Park Germany is getting ready for the new season and they finally announced their newest attraction. The park will soon open a unique attraction for Germany and the park itself: “The Walking Dead Breakout”. Yes, you read it correctly, they acquired the rights to bring this popular series to life (or better, dead in this case) at the park.

The attraction will be a permanent horror house featuring several scenes of the popular television show. ‘The Walking Dead’ is the Golden Globe nominated American zombie series that has been showing on television since 2010. The series has already aired 6 seasons and a 7th is expected. The apocalyptic story was launched in 120 countries at once and has been a hit ever since. Walking Dead MPG Header 001

700 m2 of space will be filled with actors, ultramodern techniques, and guests should also be prepared for a lot of blood. ‘The Walkers’, the zombies of the series, will terrify guests permanently in addition to the ‘Halloween Horror Fest’ in October. The building will be in a separate enclosed area of the park, most likely only accessible for guests that are at least 16 years old. One down-side to the new attraction: admission is 5 euros as the attraction is not included with your entrance fee. The release date has yet to be announced!

For those of you who have never seen the series before, watch the trailer below!

Thank you very much for checking out our announcement of this new attraction coming to Movie Park Germany this year!

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