The future of the Movie Park Germany

Movie Park Germany is a pretty controversial park in Europe. It started as the „Warner Bros Movie World“, which became infamous as a theme park with major Halloween events and it still holds that reputation more or less. After the most recent expansion, the Mack Multi Launch Coaster “Star Trek: Operation Enterprise“, Movie Park Germany wants your opinion on their next installments. The survey sent out by the park features some interesting possible additions and we want to cover three possibilities and how they possibly affect the future of the park.

Future 1 : Becoming an entertainment park

As mentioned, you can get pretty scared at the park during its Halloween events. Every year, thousands of people visit the park, to ride the “Tower of Terror”, get scared by one of the many scare actors or visit the (usually) free mazes. The park is decent in creating a spooky but wonderful atmosphere. With this advantage, they could create more special events, like a Christmas/Holiday event, including movie references like “Home Alone”. But they could go a step further and expand the idea, which they started with the maze: “The Walking Dead: Break Out”. It’s a maze, that is open during the entire season. The park could invest in more special attractions like this, like a renewed 4D Theatre with a custom movie. To match the quote “Hurra, ich bin im Film” (translated: “Hooray, I’m in the Movie”), the park could create additional interactive attractions. Another idea could be to invest in new and and outstanding shows which are themed around famous movie licenses (maybe even musical adaptions). This direction would focus on entertainment through shows and interactive attractions, that would fit perfectly to the park and the idea of offering a wide variety of entertainment attractions.

Van Helsings Factory – besides Star Trek and The Walking Dead, features some of the best theming in the park.

Future 2: Becoming a thrill park

Star Trek: Operation Enterprise was a great addition for Movie Park Germany. It was their biggest investment ever and it’s the only ride in the world with the Star Trek license. Whether you like this coaster or not, it’s helping the park to get away from their bad image. But as time will pass, they will need to maintain their investments to keep the people pleased. A big part of the survey are questions about possible future rides, like a water-ride/-coaster, a free fall tower (which they already have) or a new (launch)coaster . It’s a true that thrill rides are one of the biggest reasons for families to visit a park. One option is to add a new thrill ride in an already existing area (Star Trek (Federation Plaza) or Nickland). But another option is to invest in a new license, which would create a whole new area. In the survey, Movie Park Germany first asks for suggestions and then proposes some of their own ideas, like the popular HBO-Show “Game of Thrones”. So this second possible future would attract coaster fans and at the same time movie and series fan, who want to experience their fictive world in real life. This future would be a guarantee for lots of new guests and families.

Star Trek: Operation Enterprise and the Entrance Statue.

Future 3: Delivering Fan-Service

One of the biggest complains about Movie Park, is the lack of love for their old attractions. After the 2005 makeover of the park, many attractions had a massive downgrade regarding their theming. Recently Movie Park announced, to retheme “Mystery River” as ”Excalibur – Secrets of the Dark Forest”, with an new queue, and an all new theming along the Ride. The fans were happy, that Movie Park finally saw the potential, that they already saw many years ago, the attraction has. Other rides, that could use a makeover, are “MP: Xpress”, “Bandit” or “Spongebob: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman”. They would please the fans and the park would look better in general. Attractions could be as good as they were during the “Warner Bros: Movie World” times. The disadvantage of this is, the lack of new guests being drawn in by the additions of brand new attractions. If a guest has an image of your park that is negative due to the lack of maintenance on your theming and rides, they’re less likely to return, whether or not you encourage them to by rebranding current attractions.

Concept Art #1 of “Excalibur – Secrets of the Dark Forest”
Concept Art #2 of “Excalibur – Secrets of the Dark Forest”

No matter what way Movie Park will choose, it will make the park a better place. Asking the audience about their next attraction, is a good sign that they care about our opinion. Movie Park does not have the best standing in the Rollercoaster-Community, but with good and smart decisions, this image could soon be a thing of the past.

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  1. It was heart-rending enough to see that the NeverEnding Story themed ride was so far away from the United States. With that being said the fact that it was torn down (essentially ) and changed to something more basic was equally if not more disappointing. Bring back Neverending Story it is an amazing childhood storybook ride that millions of people if not billions can relate to.

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