Taron and Klugheim at Phantasialand Update – April 10th

One of the most anticipated coasters in Europe is most definitely Taron at Phantasialand. The record breaking coaster will soon open up for guests, but there is still no set opening date or possible opening month. We went to Brühl to take a look and enjoy a day at the park! 

The day started out a bit cloudy in Brühl on a, what would seem to be, busy Sunday. Our first ride of the day was Colorado Adventure, one of the best Vekoma Mine trains out there, and on the lift hill I enjoyed the sight below!

After a wild ride on Colorado, Chiapas was up next. When walking towards the ride, you pass underneath a passage where the gates of Klugheim are closed. Here’s one of the few places where you can easily peak at the ride and the amazing rock work.

‘Under construction here, the newest themed area with two coasters: Klugheim!’

But as we cannot enjoy it just yet, we went on to the world class water ride: Chiapas!

Flowers are added everywhere in the park and give that extra touch, especially now it’s Spring.

I love this fella and his funky music. Don’t know who came up with this scene, but the song is still stuck in my head now!

High up Chiapas, you can spot Taron once more, and this time you’ll have a good idea of what it will look like once it’s finished. Take a look on the left side of the rock work…

Here’s a close-up! When exiting Chiapas, you have a decent view on this strange looking wall. The rock work stops and turns into these green fences covered with ivy. I wonder what they will do with this in the future…

Next up where Black Mamba and Talocan, after which we went to the top part of the park: The Hollywood Tour and Temple of the Nighthawk. These rides really need to go… I mean, just look at this scene from Oz…

The sun was coming through and so we walked towards River Quest. On the alley next to it, you spot the new decoration of the river rapids attraction. Underneath the new gate that’s installed on the wall of River Quest, you see the hole where Raik has its lift-hills.

It’s here that you start to see why Klugheim is not open just yet. There is a large building structure that’s far from done.

Here’s our first picture of Raik! Yes you can’t see a thing but Raik seems to be very well hidden. From almost every view I had on Klugheim, there seemed to be no trace of Raik except here. Do notice how high the building with the lift hills is!

Once on River Quest itself, we passed by another large building structure. Also here works are far from finished so it seems that Klugheim isn’t ready at the moment…

The new improvements of decoration on River Quest are awesome. The lift tower on the right hand side matches nicely with the newly lifthill building of Raik.

The new castle structure is perfect for the rapid river as the lift of the water ride is much more of a surprise now. The building always felt incomplete so I’m very glad they will finally give it the theming it deserves.

After the first very wet (but luckily I was spared) drop, we drifted towards the whirlpool. Here we really got a chance to see more of Klugheim. On the right side we see the unfinished building where the top part is already advanced. Many other buildings have got rooftops and are painted.

The track just looks incredibly intigrated in the area, the style is just very cool and they made a very good choice by choosing this type of theme.

The sides of the River Quest station also received new windows and a nice paint job. It really looks so much better now.

The other ride that will most likely be included in the Klugheim area is Mystery Castle of course. It was already visible in the background of quite a few pics, where it’s just perfect.

When exiting the tower ride, you see another side from the construction that’s well on its way, next to the Mystery entrance of the park.

We walked to the other side of the park again and couldn’t resist stopping at the Klugheim gates again. Love the gargoyle they made.

This also seems like a fun element of the ride. There are still so many questions about the full lay-out. One things for sure: the ride crosses itself 116 times! (Which is a crazy amount!)

In the past, you had little windows to peek through to see the construction, but now they’re sealed off. Peeking through one of the slits gave this result. On the other ones, you saw part of the first launch area and mostly the track crossing itself.

Back in Berlin! Here on the corner of the ‘main street’ of the park, you could enjoy the ‘Pay once, double fun’ offer. It is still running to April 30th! You just need to enter your paid ticket of the day and in return you get a free return ticket. You need to write your name as once you return, they will check with your ID card if it’s really you.

Notice something here? Look right underneath Mystery Castle and you see the Klugheim rock work wall. From this side, it doesn’t really attract any attention at all.

Fun thing about Phantasialand is that they’re not afraid to provide some simple entertainment. For example, here: some dressed up characters that are playing with guests.

In the top area Wakobato, the splash battle, was closed for the whole day. Did you know that some people literally have Phantasialand in their back garden? Just look on the right side of the picture and you’ll see several houses!

Here’s my favorite water ride again!

Hang on, was that the train I heared??? Just missed it on this pic! What you see here is what happens right after the first launch!

That’s better! Wow! It’s a pretty short train but this looks like an incredible pass by!

After launch number two, you get up to this scene. Love how the track twists and makes you go sideways. Always good to see them testing!

Back on Colorado Adventure, I was able to see Klugheim from this point of view. It’s a bit blurry, but on the right side you definitely have an airtime hill there. Also the buildings look awesome from here.

Here’s the train again! It was pretty speedy on this part of the track. You clearly heard the launches, even though they weren’t too loud. After you here the second launch, the train goes up to this part of the track.

This truly is some nice rock work! Helder Lopez and his team did an excellent job!

Here the weird looking wall again…

I quite like this barrel shaped building. I’m sure it will give that medieval type of atmosphere.

Love how the support is hidden inside of this Dragon type of structure. As the train passed, it looked like an awesome experience.

The end of the day also means entertainment on the big square in the Berlin area. Acrobats and the Phantasialand dragons do a fun show for guests to conclude their trip to the park.

We preferred this type of ending though!

One more thing, here’s a teaser of Taron passing by after the second launch!

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