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The 50 Coasters of 2016: All-Stars

We owed them to you and here they are: the 10 All-Star Coasters of Europe! Our series of the 50 Coasters of Europe 2016 has finally come to an end! You had to wait a bit, but we decided to share our Valentine with our favorite coasters in Europe. Our choices are based not only on thrill, but also on experience, theming, setting, originality and more. Let’s get started! Continue reading The 50 Coasters of 2016: All-Stars

Park Map Trading + Contest

European Coasters Kings celebrates its first year anniversary this month! We are so glad to have you guys reading our posts, following us on Facebook and Instagram and we are looking forward to bring you even more articles in the future! To celebrate, we have a special announcement of our newest Facebook page: Park Trading Maps! Continue reading Park Map Trading + Contest

Opening Event Klugheim: Taron and Raik

Hold on to your horses everyone. Yesterday one of the most anticipated new themed areas in Europe finally opened. Klugheim at Phantasialand is the medieval themed area with beautifully themed rock work, a cozy village style and most importantly: two new coasters! Are you ready for Raik and Taron?

Continue reading Opening Event Klugheim: Taron and Raik

6 World Records for Klugheim

On June 30th, Klugheim will open its gates. The long anticipated Taron will launch guests through the newly opened area but it won’t be the only coaster! Families will be able to enjoy Raik, the family boomerang, as well. But did you know that they will break six world records? In preparation of the opening event, here’s an overview of what to look forward to! Continue reading 6 World Records for Klugheim