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Ride Review: Wildfire – Kolmården Wildlife Park

It’s what Europe has been waiting for since 2013, when the incredible RMC topper-track coaster “Outlaw Run” opened at Silver Dollar City in the US – finally, an RMC on this side of the Atlantic! Last  week we visited Kolmården Wildlife Park in southern Sweden to try out this latest wooden monstrosity; Wildfire.

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Tripreport: Europa-Park – April 2016

Here we go! We finally got back to Europa Park after waiting quite a few months. Although we go there at least ten times a year, you never get bored. Read all about our two day trip! Continue reading Tripreport: Europa-Park – April 2016

‘Lost Gravity’: New Trains Finally Here!

Only a few coasters will open in Europe this year and perhaps one of the lesser covered (but still incredibly exciting additions) is “Lost Gravity” – a Mack coaster at Dutch park Walibi Holland. We’ve so far seen the completion of the track, the start of the theming and today the trains were revealed for the first time. And they’re an all-new design! Continue reading ‘Lost Gravity’: New Trains Finally Here!