Symbolica: Update #1

Usually we limit ourself to coaster construction updates, but from time to time, we’ll make an exception. One of those is the construction of the ride opening in 2017 in Efteling! Symbolica will be a 35 million euro (38.7 million dollar / 29.9 million pound) dark ride inspired by the park’s mascot: Pardoes. Here’s a first look!

In January 2016, Efteling officially announced Symbolica: Palace of Fantasy. The ride will be open in light of the 65th birthday of the park next year! It is the most expensive attraction so far that will be built in the park. The ride will have three different tracks and six people will each time take a seat in a ‘Fantasievaarder’.  This vehicle will most likely be similar to the one’s used in Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy at the Walt Disney Studios. It promises to be an interactive experience which will make you jump between reality, dreams and fantasy.

Source: Efteling

Construction began in March of this year and since then, a lot has changed already. Here you see the current facade of the ride!

The brick walls have started to emerge in front of the concrete but that’s not all. Thanks to the ‘Pagode’ ride, which is a Flying Island ride by Intamin, we had an even better view on the whole ride! Here you can spot the different areas of the ride. Since all the walls are up, they are now working on completing the concrete structure and the roof.


What you immediately notice in the pictures from this point of view is the blue scope. It’s 14 meter wide (46 feet), 3 meter (10 feet) high and weighs 2,000 kg (4,409 pounds)! No word on what will happen below it…

Another interesting room that’s visible is the one right next to it. Here there seems to be a small platform looking out on a wide space. It could possible be used to install screens or do they have other surprises in store?

As you could see on the concept art, this castle will have a lot of turrets! It won’t be long before they will be installed, as they are lying nearby the ride. Have a look!

We’re sure to expect a world class ride in 2017 when it’s ready, but the ride isn’t the only novelty to expect for the 65th celebration. They are also working on a third accommodation for guests: Vacation Park ‘Loonsche Land’. 30 million euro ( 33.2 million dollar / 25.5 million pounds) will be invested to hold 1,000 guests. Here the works are not as advanced.

Finally, there is one more construction site in the park, in the Fairytale Forest. Here the Little Red Riding Hood fairy-tale was completely removed and they will construct a new home for the famous girl. The picture below is the old version of the fairy-tale.

Now the site is very different and they even installed a new temporary path to pass by the construction zone.

And that’s all the construction going on at Efteling at the moment. We look forward to the evolution of the Symbolica ride as it will be a certain hit for the park to reach their goal of 5 million guests. Be sure to return for future updates from Pardoes’ spectacular ride!

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