Star Trek: Operation Enterprise – New Mack Launch Coaster Coming to Movie Park Germany

Movie Park Germany just announced that they’ll be adding a brand new launch coaster to the front of the park. Earlier, the park indicated that the German manufacturer MACK Rides was involved, and the cat is out of the bag: Movie Park Germany will soon be home to a unique launch coaster themed to Star Trek.

Movie Park Germany was rumored to receive a new coaster in 2014, but after rerouting of the budget to the Spanish and Italian parks from the parent company Parques Reunidos, this coaster never became reality. A few years later the park came with the amazing news that construction had already started for their new coaster. And not just any coaster. In true Movie Park Germany style, the park will be adding a coaster with theming based on a unique franchise, and the new coaster will be themed to Star Trek. Since Borg Assimilator at Carowinds was turned into Night Hawk, the world hasn’t seen a Star Trek coaster. In 2017 though, this will no longer be case.Impressionen Baustelle Coaster 2017 (3) (Medium)

The ride will be the second tallest structure in the park, which means it’s taller than 110 feet, as MP-Xpress is currently the second tallest structure. We also know the coaster will be shorter than 200 feet. Their Intamin drop tower The High Fall is 200 feet tall. Looking at the space of the construction zone near the front of the park, it seems as if the coaster will be compact. It’ll be constructed in between the park’s popular Bermuda Triangle: Alien Encounter attraction, the main entrance/main street, and the new 2014 attraction: The Lost Temple.Impressionen Baustelle Coaster 2017 (1) (Medium)

A few years back a town-hall meeting featured renderings of a possible new coaster in that exact spot. The ride is clearly a Mack Coaster and seems to feature a very unique layout that shuttles, launches, and finishes with a full-circuit final brake run. There is no way of telling whether this was one of the possibilities the park looked into, an old concept used just for the town-hall meeting, or the actual new roller coaster. Nonetheless, the park did release that the coaster will feature a unique element that’s a “first” in Europe. As we’ve seen with a lot of recent Mack Rides throughout the world (Pulsar, Lost Gravity, Flash), the manufacturer is creating completely original coaster designs we’ve never seen before, thus we have no doubts that this new Mack coaster will also blow riders away.thumb_mpgmack2

Movie Park Germany has done a great job at keeping things quiet. While opening their new attraction: The Walking Dead: Break Out this year, they’ve also started construction on their new coaster. It seems as if all footers have gone in place already, meaning that construction could soon go vertical. This may seem early to some, but with the thematic elements we’re expecting to see, they may just need a lot of time for that. The park released a video of the construction that has taken place so far, as well as some pictures of the construction zone!Impressionen Baustelle Coaster 2017 (2) (Medium)

Make sure to stay tuned for more Star Trek: Operation Enterprise information… soon!

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