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European Coasters Kings celebrates its first year anniversary this month! We are so glad to have you guys reading our posts, following us on Facebook and Instagram and we are looking forward to bring you even more articles in the future! To celebrate, we have a special announcement of our newest Facebook page: Park Trading Maps!

Park Map Trading

A typical collector’s item for theme park fans is (usually) free of charge and available every year: the park map. They exist in different types, sizes and versions. It’s a help in need when you are looking for a certain ride, but sometimes they also give you show times or coupons for snacks and merchandise. During our first giveaway, we noticed that some of you really liked the idea of collecting as much as we do. That’s why we are proud to present our Park Map Trading page on Facebook. Together with California Coaster Kings, we will maintain the page where you can trade your maps, brochures… with other people from around the world.

Where can you do this? Well, right here on our special page on Facebook! While you are there, don’t hesitate to like our own Facebook page as well if you haven’t done so!

The Rules

To make sure that all goes well, we have installed some rules that need to be followed at all times. Have a look at them before getting started.

1) The Park Maps Trading is for trading park maps and leaflets only. Currently, SELLING IS NOT ALLOWED. Anyone trying to sell their maps or theme park material will be warned first, and then banned when caught in the act the second time. If you are only sharing your collection, put NFT (= Not For Trade) into the description of your post.

2) English is the official language of Park Maps Trading page. Posts and comments are only accepted in English. Personal Messages (PM) can be in a different language.
3) Use the Posting Format to request a trade. That way it is always clear what you desire. Adding a picture of what you offer is obligatory.
· Offering: Describe what you have, including the year and if this was a special event (e.g. Halloween, Christmas…)
· Looking For: Describe the maps you’re looking for by park, by region (e.g. country, state…), by park group (e.g. Six Flags…) or any (when you are open for offers from any kind of maps)
· Location: Enter your location (country, state…) to have an idea of how much sending would cost to trade. Here’s an example:
Offering: Map Europa-Park 2016
Looking for: Maps from theme parks in Belgium
Location: Spain
4) Responding to a post. If you are interested in a trade, you can respond by commenting on a post or sending a personal message (PM) to the person offering the maps. Once a map is no longer available for trade, please adapt your trading post.
5) Trading Agreement. To agree on a trade, show each other clear pictures of the maps. Once agreed, maps need to be sent at the same time. A proof of sending or tracking is allowed. When agreeing on a trade, please do this within two (2) weeks after the agreement.
6) Costs for Trading. Each trader is responsible for the costs of the trade. Both pay their own sending costs and agree on which method they prefer to send (e.g. regular, with tracking, with proof…). For large packages, we advise tracking.
7) International Trading. Trading is allowed to every country in the world. Please take into account the possible increase in costs and longer delivery period for sending maps to a far region
8) Problems. If you see or experience a trade that does not follow the above rules, please contact an admin or moderator. This can be done by making a post for an admin/moderator to contact you. Keep in mind that neither,, moderators or admins can be held responsible.
9) Respect. Please show respect for anyone in the group. The purpose of this page is to create a fun environment for exchanging our theme park passion. Cursing and/or offensive language is not allowed and may cause one to be banned. Politics and religion are also not to be discussed. If you want to promote a personal project or website, please contact a moderator or admin in advance.


Now that the rules are clear, let’s turn back to the fun side! We of course will also be looking for new maps and keep on collecting during our travels. That also means that from time to time, we will do giveaways and contests! Our first contest is pretty simple: of all the trade posts that are made during the month of February, we will send these maps from all over Europe (including an unused Fastpass of the now closed Space Mountain: Mission 2) that you can see below for free! So come join in the fun, meet new people, share your passion and get some new cool maps!


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