Ride Review: Black Mamba – Phantasialand

Europe has some coasters that you have to put on your bucket list. That’s why we want you to get to know them, and what better way to do so than with a ride review? 2,519.7 feet (768m) long, only 85.3 feet (26 m) tall but 49.7 mph (80km/h) and four inversions! Let’s go to Phantasialand to review its custom B&M inverted coaster: Black Mamba!

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“Galactica” and the rise of the Virtual Reality coaster

Virtual Reality…everyone’s talking about it! Whilst the new tech might be familiar to gamers, it’s just finding its feet in theme parks. We take a look at the early stages of VR on full size coasters…

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Ferrari Land Update #1

Welcome to europeancoasterkings.com everyone! We’re incredibly excited to offer our new audience, and our previous CCK established audience, updates, trip reports, and lots of information from EUROPE!

What better way to start off our European coverage than with the construction of Europe’s tallest and fastest coaster coming to Ferrari Land at PortAventura in 2017?  Continue reading Ferrari Land Update #1

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