Ride Review: La Machine à Voyager Dans le Temps – Futuroscope

The video game industry is undoubtedly more popular than ever before. That’s why the success of some video games has been exported into different means of entertainment. Today, we’re going to review a collaboration between Futuroscope and the worldwide famous video game brand Ubisoft, on one of their more popular, and crazy, games. We’re talking about La machine à voyager dans le temps aka The Time Machine that can be found at Futuroscope, France,  hosted by the silly Rabbids! Continue reading Ride Review: La Machine à Voyager Dans le Temps – Futuroscope

Colossos – Die Legende

The amusement industry has recently been riding the motif of restoration and reinvention. With countless coasters around the world being re-tracked, re-worked, re-painted, or re-themed, it is only fair that Europe’s tallest and fastest wooden roller Colossos coaster celebrates its 15th birthday with a reinvention into Colossos – Die Legende.

Continue reading Colossos – Die Legende

‘Lost Gravity’: New Trains Finally Here!

Only a few coasters will open in Europe this year and perhaps one of the lesser covered (but still incredibly exciting additions) is “Lost Gravity” – a Mack coaster at Dutch park Walibi Holland. We’ve so far seen the completion of the track, the start of the theming and today the trains were revealed for the first time. And they’re an all-new design! Continue reading ‘Lost Gravity’: New Trains Finally Here!

Heidi The Ride Update #1

Quite some coasters are being constructed in Europe this year. Time for another look at one of them, but this time let’s look at one that is opening in 2016! We went to Plopsaland De Panne to have a look at Belgium’s second wooden coaster that’s currently under construction by GCI: Heidi The Ride! Continue reading Heidi The Ride Update #1

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