New for 2017

Are you ready for the rides of 2017? What new coasters can we expect this year and which other major ride might be worth visiting? Here’s our overview of what’s new in Europe for 2017!


‘Dawson Duel’ – Double Alpine Coaster (Bellewaerde Park)

Construction: Wiegand
Opening date: Spring 2017

This is something you do not see every year when making these overviews. Bellewaerde Park will open a double alpine coaster with an artificial slope. A panoramic tower will be the start of this decent for the whole family. Double the fun!

Source: Bellewaerde Park

‘Heidi The Ride’ – Wooden Coaster (Plopsaland De Panne)

Construction: Great Coasters International
Opening date: Start of season

Only the second wooden coaster in Belgium! The ride will be similar to White Lightning at Fun Spot Orlando. Due to problems with permits, it opens this year instead of 2016. The entrance zone is a whole new area in the park, themed to a mountain village.


NEW PARK: Mirnovec Fun Park

Croatia will welcome it’s first large theme park this year! Biogradu na Moru, a popular tourist destination in the country, will open the first large theme park in Croatia. The park will have 26 rides spread over three themed areas: cowboys, astronauts and pirates. Of course a new theme park also means new coasters! Two will be found in the astronaut area of the park.

Source: Mirnovec FunPark
Alien 8 – Compact Spinning coaster (Mirnovec FunPark)

Construction: Beijing Jiuhua Amusement Rides
Opening date: June 2017

A simple spinning coaster for the whole family. It will probably be one of the smaller models of BJAR.

Source: Mirnovec FunPark

Space Witch – Looping Coaster (Mirnovec FunPark)

Construction: Unknown
Opening Date: June 2017

It is unclear what type of coaster will be the highlight of the park. It should feature at least one inversion but the final lay-out is unknown at the moment.

Source: Mirnovec FunPark


Drage Kongen -Suspended Coaster (Djurs Sommerland)

Construction: Intamin
Opening date: Start of season*

Meet Europe’s longest and highest suspended coaster: Drage Kongen. 825 meter (2,706 feet) long and 30 meter (98.4 feet) high with a top speed of 85 km/h (52.8 mph). The Dragon King rises, will you rise with him?

Source: Djurs Sommerland


‘Hype’ – Launch Coaster – Sky Rocket II (Särkänniemi Amusement Park)

Construction: Premier Rides
Opening date: Summer 2017

Europe will open it’s second Premier Rides Sky Rocket model this year after ‘Sky Scream’ in Holiday Park. Särkänniemi, one of the major parks in Finland, will open ‘Hype’! It will be the sixth coaster in the park and the fastest till date.

Source: Särkänniemi, Youtube


‘Star Trek: Operation Enterprise’ – Launch Coaster (Movie Park Germany) 

Construction: Mack Rides
Opening date: Start of season*

What Movie Park Germany really needed was a brand new thrilling coaster and this year, it’s that time! This new type of coaster by Mack will take guests both forwards and backwards on a thrilling journey in the theme of Star Trek. It has three inversions and will have a top speed of 90 km/h (55,9 mph). So if you were looking forward to visit the park for the first time, now’s a good time!

Source: Movie Park Germany

‘Drachenwirbel’ –  Compact Spinning Coaster (Freizeitpark Plohn)

Construction: SBF Visa
Opening date:  Start of season*

A small spinning coaster with dragon theme to fit near the Japanese garden. This compact spinning coaster model appears in more and more theme parks.

Source: Freizeitpark Plohn

‘Eine Reise durch das Mittelalter’ – Tube Coaster (Ferienzentrum Schloss Dankern)

Construction: ABC Rides
Opening date: Unknown

Schloss Dankern is a vacation destination where you can make reservations for a small accomodation to spend your holiday. When doing so, you gain access to the whole area including a large swimming pool, playground and of course the Dankern castle. ‘Eine Reise durch das Mittelalter’ will be the first coaster of the park, an eco-friendly type by ABC rides, that will take you through the Middle Ages.

Source: Ferienzentrum Schloss Dankern

‘Kapt’n Jack’s Wilde Maus’ – Wild Mouse (Eifelpark)

Construction: Maurer Rides
Opening date: Start of season*

This coaster is new for Eifelpark, but some fans may have already ridden it in Holiday Park as Holly’s Wilde Autofart. It is its fourth location but a nice addition for the small Eifelpark.

Source: Eifelpark

‘Kleine Zar’ – Mini Coaster (Hansa Park)

Construction: Preston & Barbieri
Opening date: Start of season*

A small new coaster for the little ones. This ride was first to open in 2016 but due to T.U.V. certificates. After the opening of Kärnan in 2015, they fully aim towards the children this year.

Source: Hansa Park

‘Project V’ – Flying Theatre (Europa-Park)

Construction: Brogent Technologies and Kraftwerk + Mack Media & Ambient Entertainment
Opening date: Halfway 2017

Europa-Park will not be opening a coaster this year, but they will add a major ride nevertheless. At the entrance of the park, a Soarin’ like attraction will take guests flying over Europe. The building itself will have an extensive theme to immerse guests in the wonderful atmosphere of  a laboratory, with two explorers who have dreams of flying.

Source: Europa-Park


Skyline Park failed to open Sky Dragster last year but they definitely will make it up this year. They have announced 7 new attractions including a rotor, a frisbee ride and 2 coasters!

Source: Skyline Park

‘Kids Spin’ – Compact Spinning coaster (Skyline Park)

Construction: SBF Visa
Opening date: Start of season*

Here’s another compact spinning coaster! Kids will love this new addition and so those that cannot ride the other new coaster, might be able to enjoy this one!

Source: SBF Visa

‘Sky Dragster’ – Powered Motorbike coaster (Skyline Park)

Construction: Maurer AG
Opening date: Start of season*

The fastest motorbike coaster to date. This new type of coaster was revealed in 2015 at the IAPPA. The opening was originally planned for 2016 but it will open this year instead due to delays.

Source: Skyline Park


‘Pégase Express’ – Family coaster (Parc Astérix)

Construction: Gerstlauer
Opening date: Start of season*

Parc Astérix is about to open a special new family coaster. In the Greek area of the park, guests will go both forwards and backwards on this thrilling new ride for the whole family. The concept art also shows that the theming will be wonderful as usual.

Source: Parc Astérix

25th anniversary at Disneyland Paris – Ride & Show Updates (Disneyland Park)

Disneyland Paris is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary this year and they have a lot of novelties this year. Yet, it’s all about replacing! Magic On Parade will be replaced by the new parade: Stars On Parade. Disney Dreams! will be replaced by the new spectacular: Disney Illuminations. Space Mountain: Mission 2 will get a temporary overlay: Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain: Rebel Mission. And last but certainly not least, Star Tours finally upgrades to Star Tours: The Adventure Continues! Every flight will be different as the scenes will alter. May the force be with you!

‘Unknown’ – Force Two Coaster (Parc du Petit Prince)

Construction: Zierer
Opening date: Start of season*

This small theme park dedicated to the stories of the Little Prince is fairly new. It opened in 2014 and should add some new rides this year. The main one will be the first coaster but nothing concrete was revealed. Only thing we know is that it will be themed by ‘The Serpent’.

Source: Parc du Petit Prince

The Netherlands

‘Gold Rush’ – Multiple Launch Infinity Coaster (Attractiepark Slagharen)

Construction: Gerstlauer
Opening date: First half 2017

Gold Rush is the new coaster that is being built instead of the classic Thunder Loop. It will be the first multi launch Infinity coaster by Gerstlauer with both forwards and backwards launches.

Source: Attractiepark Slagharen

‘Symbolica’ – Dark ride (Efteling)

Construction: EFT Ride Systems
Opening date: Summer 2017

No it is not a coaster, but it is definitely worth mentioning. Efteling is well known for its dark rides and in 2017 it will have a brand new one. Equipped with the latest technology including a trackless system, guests will be taking into the magical world of park mascot ‘Pardoes’ and experience the wonders of Symbolica. The special feature is that there are several scenarios so your next ride should be different from your first!

Source: Efteling

‘Unknown’ – Zyklon coaster  (Attractiepark Duinen Zathe)

Construction: Pinfari
Opening date: Start of season*

Besides a Big Apple coaster, this park will have its first larger coaster! The coaster moved from Lightwater Valley so that guests will now will be able to enjoy it in the Netherlands instead.

Source: Attractiepark Duinen Zahne


Lech Coaster – Looping Coaster (Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko)

Construction: Vekoma
Opening date: Start of season*

Ever heard of this park? Me neither, but this year they will open a new model Vekoma looping coaster! With the competition of Energylandia that will increase it’s number of coasters to 11, this park will add it’s fourth coaster to compete. Definitely look up their Tornado coaster and pay close attention to the restrains… This new coaster however will be much better and should up the number of guests easily.

NEW PARK: Majaland Kowanty

For those of you that don’t know Plopsa, it’s a small Disney brand in Belgium. They also hold the rights to older franchise in which they are now investing heavily. One of those is Maja the Bee and the little yellow creature has already a small indoor zone at Plopsaland De Panne in Belgium, an outdoor zone at Holiday Park in Germany and it’s quite popular in France. Now, however the rights have been bought to make a new indoor park in Poland! It will start with the size of the Plopsa Indoor Coevorden park in the Netherlands and will then become four time it’s size. The park is set to open this December, but the coasters are unconfirmed. Yet, Plopsa has the tendency to duplicate their existing formula very well so the coaster below is semi confirmed.

Source: Holiday Park Kowanty

Unknown – Force Two Coaster (Majaland Kownaty)

Construction: Zierer
Opening date: December 2017

This coaster will be themed to ‘Vic The Viking’ and will be for the whole family to enjoy. Guests are taking into a cave to explore while riding this coaster full of fun.

Source: Plopsa

NEW EXPANSION: Energylandia

Energylandia is a fairly new but ambitious park. It’s a pretty popular destination and they want to increase the crowds even more. For 2017, there are about 17 new rides to expect! It includes a rapid river, a spill-water, a lot of kiddie rides but more importantly 3 coasters!

Source: Energylandia

‘Boomerang’ – Family Boomerang Coaster (Energylandia)

Construction: Vekoma
Opening Date: Start of season*

A new family coaster and one of the many novelties for the Polish park. 25 m (82 feet) high and max speed of 70 km/h (43.5 mph).

Source: Energylandia

‘Dragon Coaster’ – Kiddie Coaster (Energylandia)

Construction: SBF Visa
Opening date: Start of season*

A standard model by SPF Visa for the smaller children to enjoy!

Source: Energylandia

Speed – Water Coaster (Energylandia)

Construction: Intamin
Opening date: Start of season*

Do you know Divertical at Mirabilandia in Italy? Well, it’s going to get a near copy as major new attraction at Energylandia! This coaster/water ride is pretty cool and guests will love to plunge in the water during summer times (and probably during the rest of the season as well). It will be the fourth of its kind.

Source: Energylandia


NEW PARK: Ferrariland

Opening date: April 7th

PortAventura World will open its second theme park this year, although some might also consider it as a new themed area of the existing park. One thing is for sure, it will be worth going to Spain as it will have Europe’s tallest coaster to date. And don’t forget that the second highest is nearby as well. Ferrariland will also have a Race Circuit, two thrill towers, several simulators and more. One things for sure, you cannot miss it when you are nearby thanks to the new Europe’s highest.

Source: PortAventura World

‘Vertical Accelerator’ – Launch Coaster (PortAventura World)

Construction: Intamin
Opening date: April 7th

You may have seen this coaster once or twice here on our site because it definitely is (one of) the most anticipated coaster of the year in Europe. Tests have been going on for a bit now and they will launch guests towards the sky soon. PortAventura World will definitely have an amazing year!


‘Fireball’ – Family Boomerang Coaster (Furuvik)

Construction: Vekoma
Opening date: Start of season*

The third coaster of the small park Furuvik will be this new family boomerang coaster: Fireball. Families will enjoy not only a forward experience but backwards as well.

Source: Furuvik

United Kingdom

‘Flight of the Giant Peach’ – Family Coaster (Oakwood Theme Park)

Construction: Pinfari
Opening date: Start of season*

This Pinfari family coaster used to be at M&D’s Scotland’s Theme Park. This year it will open as the 6th coaster in the largest park in Wales: Oakwood Theme Park.

Source: Oakwood Theme Park

‘Speed Loop’ – Zyklon Coaster (Southport Pleasureland)

Construction: Pinfari
Opening date: Start of season*

Another Pinfari coaster has moved to another location. Speed Loop was first to be found in Northern Ireland, then went to Norway and is now closer to its original location in the UK. It will be the park’s most thrilling coaster.

Source: Southport Pleasueland

*When no official date is given and the ride seems to be complete, the park’s opening date should be the opening of the new ride or show. This is however no guarantee.

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