New 2018

Are you ready for the rides of 2018? What new coasters can we expect this year? Here’s our overview of what’s new in Europe for 2018!

Be aware that Alpine Coasters and some coasters were not included. Also the Turkey theme parks were not included as geographically the parks themselves will not be in Europe.


Tiki-Waka – Family Bobsled Coaster (Walibi Belgium)

Construction: Gerstlauer
Opening date: Open

Brand new for Walibi Belgium is the next step in their development plan. At the back of the park, they will add a new Bobsled coaster in Tiki style theme. It will be close to the future mega coaster.

Source: Walibi Belgium


Flyvende Ørn – Family Coaster (Legoland Billund)

Construction: Zierer
Opening date: Unknown

This custom Force One Zierer coaster will be Legoland Billund’s gift for its 50th celebration! This Flying Eagle coaster is the fourth of the park and will receive some mountain theming. It will reach a top speed of 46 km/h (28 mph).

Source: Legoland Billund

Jungle Rally – Kiddie Coaster (Djurs Sommerland)

Construction: Zierer
Opening date: Unknown

Eventhough the park only opened a major coaster last year, it will add another coaster in 2018. It will be rather small and comparable with Shamu Express at SeaWorld San Antonio. Nevertheless, Djurs Sommerland continues to invest in its park.

Source: Djurs Sommerland


Bobsleigh – Family Coaster (Parc de la Vallée)

Construction: Schwarkopf
Opening date: Open

This coaster has been in other European theme parks before. Both Drayton Manor and Nigloland were home to this Schwarzkopf classic. It remains in France now to open in this small park.

Source: Parc de La Vallée

Les Turbines d’Avion – Family Bobsled Coaster (Jardin d’Acclimatation)

Construction: Gerstlauer
Opening date: June 2018

You probably never heard of this park but you might hear more from it in the future. This small park is located in the center of Paris in between the area of l’Arc de Triomphe and La Défense. It will receive some major improvements including this new coaster and other steampunk themed rides.

Source: Jardin d’Acclimatation

Yukon Quad – Motorbike Coaster (Le PAL)

Construction: Intamin
Opening date: Open

Another new coaster for France is this Intamin Launch Coaster. This family friendly quad themed coaster is a copy of an existing coaster in Europe: Juvelen. It will be the park’s 4th coaster.

Source: Le PAL

 Wood Express – Wooden Coaster (Parc Saint-Paul)

Construction: Gravitykraft Corporation
Opening date: June 2018

A pleasant surprise this year at the small family park: Parc Saint-Paul. They will invest in a brand new ride and, quite special for France, a wooden coaster. This woodie will be the countries 4th.

To Be Announced – Family Coaster (Babyland-Amiland)

Construction: Schwarzkopf
Opening date: Unknown

Another small park that will open a coaster next year is this small park not far from the Paris-Orly airport. It will be home to a former travelling Schwarzkopf Jet Star starting from 2018.

Source: Babyland-Amiland

NEW PARK: Parc Spirou

France will get a new theme park this year and it will be pretty big. Comic characters are hot in the country and one of those is Spirou. French people of all ages know these characters like the world knows Disney. With 25 to 30 rides, it will be one of the region’s major parks. The best news however, is that there will be 3 coasters!

Source: Parc Spirou

Mine do’r des Daltons – Force Family Coaster (Parc Spirou)

Construction: Zierer
Opening date: June 2018

The first coaster is a Force coaster by Zierer. This type of family coaster can be found across Europe and also some overseas. The theme is linked to the villains of the Lucky Luke comic character.

Nid du Marsupilami – Inversion Coaster (Parc Spirou)

Construction: Zierer
Opening date: Cancelled

The second coaster is the main ride of the park: a Tower Speed Coaster, also by Zierer. It is similar to Gerstlauer’s Eurofighters and there is already one constructed at Knoebels Amusement Park & Resort since 2015. With a total of 4 inversions, it will be the park’s most thrilling coaster for sure.

Racing Gallery – Elevated Seating Coaster (Parc Spirou)

Construction: Zierer
Opening date: June 2018

The third coaster is fun for both families as teenagers. It is a third Zierer but with a racing theme. The ride will be similar to Force One at Schwaben Park for example. These coasters usually reach a top speed of 65 km/h (40.4 mph)

Source: Parc Spirou


Cobra – Freizeit-Land Geiselwind

Construction: Interpark
Opening date: Unknown

This special travelling coaster will return to the park in 2018! It was already there for the 2015 season. It is unknown if it will remain there permanently.

Eurosat Can Can Coaster – Indoor Family Coaster (Europa-Park)

Construction: Mack
Opening date: Summer 2018

Last year we said goodbye to the iconic Eurosat coaster. The 80’s style will be removed and so will the former coaster. It will be rebuilt from scratch with an improved modern but identical lay-out. In addition, it will receive a Moulin Rouge theme which makes the coaster more at home in France. Another addition will be VR and so yet another coaster will receive the Mack Media “Coastiality.”

Source: Europa-Park

K2 – Tube Coaster (Karls Erlebnis-Dorf)

Construction: ABC Rides
Opening date: Open

This small park is all about food and will open its first coaster in 2018. The ride will be similar to “Familieachtbaan” at BillyBird Park Hemelrijk which is quite simple, but yet enjoyable. There are several Karl’s parks but the coaster will only be built at the one at Wustermark, close to Berlin.

Source: Karl’s Erlebnisdorf

Eine Reise durch das Mittelalter – Tube Coaster (Ferienzentrum Schloss Dankern)

Construction: ABC Rides
Opening date: Open

Schloss Dankern is a vacation destination where you can make reservations for a small accomodation to spend your holiday. When doing so, you gain access to the whole area including a large swimming pool, playground and of course the Dankern castle. ‘Eine Reise durch das Mittelalter’ will be the first coaster of the park, an eco-friendly type by ABC rides, that will take you through the Middle Ages. The ride was planned for 2017 but postponed to this year.

Source: Ferienzentrum Schloss Dankern

Tabaluga – Family Coaster (Holiday Park)

Construction: Zierer
Opening date: Unknown

Holiday Park will open a new indoor section this year with family rides. One of them is the usually copied Force coaster by Zierer. For the first time, it will be themed to Tabaluga. Fitting as the former Tabaluga dark ride will be removed.

Source: Plopsa & Plopsafans

Wilde Hilde – Roller Ball Coaster (Schwaben Park)

Construction: Ride Engineers Switzerland
Opening date: Unknown

A brand new type of coaster in 2018 for Schwaben Park! What’s especially fun about this ride is the chicken theme. In comparison to for example an Intamin Zac Spin, you won’t go upside down in this ride. The coaster is thus perfect for the whole family.

F.L.Y.  – Indoor Flying Coaster (Phantasialand)

Construction: Vekoma
Opening date: 2019

This coaster should probably not be on the 2018 list but you never know. This brand new coaster for Phantasialand will be the world’s longest flying coaster and won’t be a B&M. Instead, expect a brand new Vekoma coaster that will probably blow our minds. It will be part of a steampunk area called Rookburgh.

Source: Phantasialand


Spinner – Kiddie Spinning Coaster (Luneur Park)

Construction: EOS Rides
Opening date: Unknown

We have seen a lot of SBF Visa spinning coasters added in the last year and also this year. However, this model by EOS rides is a bit longer and can already be found in parks since 2005.


NEW PARK: Luna Park

In the cities capital, a small new theme park will be built to replace a former small one. It will be built in several stages with the first 7 rides opening in 2018. It will have 3 thrill rides (including one rollercoaster), 6 family rides and 18 kiddie rides.

To Be Announced – Family Coaster (Luna Park)

Not much is known about this ride and it is possible that it is not one of the 7 opening rides. Still, on the concept arts the presence of the coaster is clear and it seems to be a coaster with no inversions.

Source: Luna Park

The Netherlands

Python – Looping Coaster (Efteling)

Construction: Vekoma
Opening date: Open

You might be surprised by this coaster in the list, but Python at Efteling is being rebuilt from scratch. The track is in need of replacement, which will make the ride experience more enjoyable than ever. Only the station and lifthill will remain from the original coaster. So up to you if you count it as a new coaster!

Fēnix – Wing Coaster (Toverland)

Construction: B&M
Opening date: July 7th

One of Europe’s major coasters for 2018 is definitely Fēnix! This brand new B&M Wing Coaster was designed by Toverland’s own “imagineer”. The ride will be part of a brand new area at the park inspired by the famous wizard Merlin. It will be Europe’s 4th B&M Wing Coaster.

Tweestryd – Two Dueling Family Boomerang Coaster (Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen)

Construction: Vekoma
Opening date: Open

Wildlands Adventure Zoo is a park which moved a few years ago completely. Now they want to invest more in rides, including a first coaster. Or should I say two coasters, because they will open a dueling family boomerang coaster! Indeed, two mirrored coasters that will race each other both forwards and backwards!

Source: Wildlands

NEW PARK: Attractiepark Rotterdam

On a former waste incineration site, some investors have decided to open this park. The city is well-known for its port and it will be true to the roots by offering rides in a unique authentic location. It will open in several phases and one of the first rides should be a classic coaster.

Shuttle Loop – Shuttle Loop Coaster (Attractiepark Rotterdam)

Construction: Schwarzkopf
Opening date: Unknown

The major ride of the park will be the second Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop Coaster in the Benelux. It is recycled from a Japanese park called Toshimaen. In comparison to Psyké Underground at Walibi Belgium, this one will be outdoor.

Source: Attractiepark Rotterdam


Hyperion – Mega Coaster (Energylandia)

Construction: Intamin
Opening date: Unknown

Probably the most anticipated coaster in Europe will be found in an unusual but growing theme park country. Energylandia in Poland welcomes one of Europe’s highest Mega Coasters this year. This Intamin airtime machine will be the 12th coaster at the park and Europe’s 2nd fastest and highest working coaster. So get ready to be wowed by this futuristic themed piece of steel in Eastern Europe.

Speed – Water Coaster (Energylandia)

Construction: Intamin
Opening date: Open

Do you know Divertical at Mirabilandia in Italy? Well, it’s going to get a near copy as major new attraction at Energylandia! This coaster/water ride is pretty cool and guests will love to plunge in the water during summer times (and probably during the rest of the season as well). It will be the fourth of its kind and was originally planned for 2017.

Source: Energylandia

NEW PARK: Majaland Kowanty

For those of you that don’t know Plopsa, it’s a small Disney brand in Belgium. They also hold the rights to older franchise in which they are now investing heavily. One of those is Maja the Bee and the little yellow creature has already a small indoor zone at Plopsaland De Panne in Belgium, an outdoor zone at Holiday Park in Germany and it’s quite popular in France. Now, however the rights have been bought to make a new indoor park in Poland! It will start with the size of the Plopsa Indoor Coevorden park in the Netherlands and will then become four time it’s size. The park was set to open in December 2017, but the park is nearing completion only now so it will open this year.

Source: Holiday Park Kowanty

Wickie Coaster – Force Two Coaster (Majaland Kownaty)

Construction: Zierer
Opening date: Unknown

This coaster will be themed to ‘Vic The Viking’ and will be for the whole family to enjoy. Guests are taking into a cave to explore while riding this coaster full of fun.

Source: Plopsa


To be announced – Kiddie Coaster (Ferrari Land)

Construction: Unknown
Opening Date:  Unknown

Ferrari Land opened only last year and they quickly noticed that they don’t have a lot to offer for children. That’s why they are already expanding with a new area aimed at this group. This includes one “small version of Red Force”, which is basically a family coaster.

Source: Ferrari Land / PA Community


Valkyria – Dive Coaster (Liseberg)

Construction: B&M
Opening date: Late 2018

Another B&M coaster that will open this year is at Liseberg. You probably know th awesome coaster Helix, well it won’t be the only major steel coaster anymore of the park. Stats wise, it will be Europe’s most impressive Dive Coaster with 3 inversions and the highest. Only Valravn at Ceder Point has the same number of inversions to date.

United Kingdom

Icon – Mega Coaster (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

Construction: Mack
Opening date: May 25th

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is finally back with a new coaster. Icon will be a new custom Mack launch coaster which will most likely be a fan favourite. It will be the UK’s first double launch coaster and it will interact with five other rides!

Wicker Man – Wooden Coaster (Alton Towers)

Construction: GCI (unconfirmed by the park)
Opening date: Open

Alton Towers has put a wooden coaster on the location of the former Flume ride. This Secret Weapon 8 tells the story of a mysterious group who want to reconnect with nature in response to the rise of technology. Not everything is revealed yet, but as usual, the park uses a big marketing campaign to promote the coaster.