New Ride for Parc Astérix in 2019

After opening several big rides in the past few years, Parc Astérix continues to invest in new ride experiences in the future. For 2019, they are planning a new 5D attraction to open at the park. Compagnie des Alpes continues to invest in its flagship park, but also the other parks in the group are not forgotten.

A new ride and new hotels

Parc Astérix, one of France’s major parks, continues to grow. In the last couple of years, they opened some major rides like the B&M inverted coaster OzIris, the Disk’o coaster Discobélix and last year the family coaster Pégase Express. For 2018, they will open a new hotel resort “La Cité Suspendu”. Moving forward, in a Blooloop interview, Compagnie des Alpes confirmed another new ride for 2019. They will also add an additional third hotel: “Les Quais de Lutéce” in the same year.

The new ride will be something Parc Astérix hasn’t done before. The ride, described as a 5D theatre attraction, will be centered around an animated Astérix and most likely a story of its universe. This means that there are several types of rides that could fit this picture. It could be a Flying Theater as constructed in Futuroscope or maybe an Erratic Dark Ride as the one planned for Walibi Belgium. Knowning Compagnie des Alpes, it might be even something brand new.

Compagnie des Alpes invests in the future

Parc Astérix is not the only park in which they are heavily investing. Also Walibi Belgium received a big investment plan. In 2018 they will open a new Bobsled coaster and an expansion of the waterpark Aqualibi. Furthermore, fans are excited for Belgium’s first hyper coaster in 2021. Bellewaerde received a Dueling Alpine Coaster last year and they will open a big waterpark in 2019. Futuroscope opens a new racing experience around racer Sebastien Loeb. They do not forget the other Walibi parks either. Walibi Rhône-Alpes will open a Gerstlauer Infinity coaster in 2019 and Walibi Holland will get a major ride in 2020. CDA is ready to invest and to make their parks grow even more and we can only encourage it.

Source: Walibi Belgium

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