New coaster for Ferrari Land!

Ferrari Land, the recently opened theme park at the PortAventura World Resort, is planning to open a new coaster this year. The park already owns Europe’s highest roller coaster, but obviously it is not suited for small children. That’s why they will build a Junior Red Force as well as four additional rides!

If you haven’t heard of Ferrari Land, this is what you need to know. Spain’s largest theme park resort near Barcelona has two theme parks since last year: PortAventura World and Ferrari Land. The car brand inspired park provides thrills for the whole family but it is far from a complete park. The next step however will open in 2018: a new kids area with 5 new rides.

A new coaster

One of the rides (coaster counter happiness!) will be a children’s coaster with the appropriate race theme. Most likely, it will be a Speedy Coaster from Zamperla. In its segment, it’s definitely one of the better options. So Spain’s only new credit this year, will take you to the sunny Salou.

Source: Ferrari Land

Other rides

As for the other rides, the following rides are expected:

  • Kid’s Tower: A smaller version of the Thrill Towers. This one is probably one of the Zamperla catalogue as well
Source: Ferrari Land
  • Champions Race: A small carousel in race theme, but unknown which kind
Source: Ferrari Land
  • Crazy Pistons: A kiddie ride that takes you in the sky while shaking you from left to right
Source: Ferrari Land
  • Mini Jet: A classic kiddie ride where kids fly slightly above the ground in airplanes.

See the other new coasters for 2018, right here!

Header Pic: Javier Torrecilla

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