NeuroGen, the new mysterious ride at Walibi Holland

Last year the park opened the interesting new type of coaster: Lost Gravity. This year however nearby we can look forward to a special kind of VR experience like you’ve never seen before! NeuroGen is the newest wing of ‘The Clinic’ by Dr. Jenkins. But what can we expect?

“Learning another language faster than the speed of light, passing an exam in your sleep. It’s all possible after being treated in NeuroGen.” If that were true, I would sign up immediately. But who knows what to expect from the new VR ride at Walibi Holland. In the former 5D cinema theatre, the park will open this new type of ride on April 14th. They released snapshots via Snapchat and Instagram regularly of the construction of the ride. As usual however, it doesn’t say much but makes you speculate about what’s to come.

NeuroGen is a new department of ‘The Clinic’ by Dr. Jenkins. This was last year’s newest haunted maze like you’ve never experienced before. When entering the Clinic, you enter a real kind of hospital room where they instruct you on your treatment. You take of your shoes and socks, get strapped to a strechter and of you go. Did I mention you do this ALONE? The idea of passing through a haunted house strapped to a bed with nowhere to go… Says enough, doesn’t it? To be able to experience this treatment, you needed to make reservations beforehand on the website of the park, including a 15 euro (15,8 dollar / 12,9 pound) price. It’s unknown if this will be the same for NeuroGen.

The small amount of information makes you wonder how this ride will work. They did reveal, however, that you won’t see much of the real rooms as you will receive a VR gear for this treatment. The name NeuroGen was chosen to the fact that they will expand the amount of neurons in your brain. (Hence the working title rumored before: Braintrip). The treatment origins from the United States so thanks to our friends over the sea (thank you CaliforniaCoasterKings!) Europeans will now be able to apply for the same results as shown in the video below.

The park will give more sneak peaks in the coming weeks until the opening date at the start of the season. What are your thoughts? Will you sign up?

Source header: Youtube, Walibi Holland

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