‘Lost Gravity’: New Trains Finally Here!

Only a few coasters will open in Europe this year and perhaps one of the lesser covered (but still incredibly exciting additions) is “Lost Gravity” – a Mack coaster at Dutch park Walibi Holland. We’ve so far seen the completion of the track, the start of the theming and today the trains were revealed for the first time. And they’re an all-new design!


We’ve known that Walibi Holland were building a new Mack coaster since September 2014, when park director Mascha van Till, announced it via Twitter. One year later, construction began for a “crazy leipe nieuwe ride” which literally means a “crazy silly new ride.” It was promised to be unique and something Mack had never done before. Updates were released periodically via Snapchat, and each time more and more clues were given. Even now they continue to use the app, with the recent launch of a competition where followers will need to respond with a Snapchat of their own to gain one of the last few preview rides.

Lost Gravity logo (Walibi Holland)


The first track pieces revealed the colour scheme, which is yellow and black, similar to the theme of The Smiler at Alton Towers. In December 2015, more news was revealed, including the name: ‘Lost Gravity’ as well as construction pictures of the first inversion, an Inclined Dive Loop, appeared. Later, the second inversion was installed, a Zero-G Roll, which brought the total number of inversions up to two. The ride will be 98 feet (30m) tall, and besides the inversions, the track has a Dive Drop and some Outside Banking. The impressive element, exclusive to Walibi Holland’s coaster, will be a Banked Top Hat. The ride’s soundtrack is produced by Mr. Polska, a Dutch-Polish rapper.

Completion of the track (Walibi Holland)


Today, the trains were finally placed onto the track, and the park’s promise came to fruition –  they are indeed a complete new design, never previously seen from Mack. At first, it was suspected that the trains may be those from the spinning coaster prototype most recently seen on Blue Fire at Europa-Park. Now it’s clear that it is not the case, as they are in fact quite similar to Gerstlauer Eurofighter trains – especially in terms of shape and numbers of seats: two rows of four. That’s where the similarities stop however, as the four seats at the side are all floorless! In true Mack style, the trains also feature lapbars (presumably the same as those on Blue Fire and Helix) – which are sure to provide great upper body freedom, and enhance the sensations within the ride as much as possible. Only four trains will be running on the track.

The new trains of Lost Gravity (Walibi Holland)

Walibi Holland - Lost Gravity - Train Concept Art

March 24th is d-day for the ride, as in the early afternoon it will be opening for a select crowd – and starting from 3pm, all guests will be able to enjoy the crazy coaster. So with everything that is revealed, will it definitely be a ‘leipe’ (silly) ride or is there still a surprise? We’ll have to wait just a little longer until to the end of March to find out! One thing is for sure though, Walibi Holland is certainly living up to its branding ‘Go Hard’ with the addition of this brand new coaster!

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