Heidi The Ride: Update #3

Yesterday we were kindly invited by Plopsaland De Panne to attend the ‘Night of the Annual Passholders’ event. We will do coverage of the event itself later, but as coaster fans, we wanted to do a Heidi The Ride update first! Unfortunately, the ride did not open its gates but it’s fully ready to accept the first guests any time soon! So here’s the final update before Heidi starts riding! 

Many passholders had received word that Heidi would be open, but unfortunately that was not the case. It would have been a good test for the park as to see how well it did with a very large crowd. Still, since the park was only open from 7 pm till 11 pm, it might have been a wise choice not to open. The track itself of course is fully ready and the entrance as well.

First let’s have another look from the parking lot. Since our last update, the track has been completed and they’ve added some extra fences for the walkway underneath.

Also the drop received a wooden barrier to reduce the sound made from guests and the trains. Personally, I preferred it without these wooden panels visual wise, but I fully understand the decision. The houses are not that far at all and locals already have to endure long traffic jams daily.

Both the drop and the final part of the ride received these wooden panels.

A look at the back of the coaster gives a view of the station, or should I say double station. The two buildings seem pretty identical. It is most likely that there will be a station to load and unload Heidi. It may just be a storage building as well.

Now in the park itself, we have some different views of this brand new wooden coaster.

The entrance is now in the medieval square of the park. Of course it will receive it’s own Heidi style as Plopsa is not afraid to include a separate ride into existing themed areas.

It may have an unfinished look and that’s exactly the case. Plopsaland wanted to open the ride this year, and next year they’ll continue the theming. Same thing happened at Sky Scream in Holiday Park. So don’t expect any nice pictures from the square in front of Heidi this year.

The entrance is made clear with a signage above the unthemed entry.

On the left side here you see a circle square with the characters of Heidi. Next year, they will include a carousel of Wood Design to add an extra ride.

Finally, here’s a view of the ride in the dark. On one hand they installed lamps to light up the parking lot. The other lights are used to light up the ride in pink and purple. Hopefully the passholders will be able to ride Heidi very soon!

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