Halloween Review: Bobbejaanland

The final day of the Belgian theme park season was last Sunday on November 6th. Only Plopsaland De Panne and Plopsa Indoor Hasselt will still be open on selected days. Zoo Pairi Daiza, the biggest touristic attraction in Belgium, had it’s final day yesterday November 13th. But before we really get into the winter season, let’s do one final Halloween post! 

Our day started sunny but cold. The Halloween decorations had one final day to shine. Bobbejaanland is a smaller park in the European theme park industry. On the schedule: 4 haunted houses, 1 show especially for the Halloween season and 2 scare zones. Plus of course the rides of the park including the newly opened Nightmare Motel.

The park opened at 10, but the houses were only open starting from noon. So first up was riding some rides such as the coasters: Revolution, Bob Express, Dreamcatcher… and then the houses…


The Doll Factory

Here you walk through rooms themed with bodies basically. So even though the name would expect you to see creepy dolls, it was not the  really the case. This made it a bit disappointing, but the scenes themselves were not bad at all. There are some very immersive scenes where you feel like being in a zombie clinic! And that’s the type of dolls they mean in fact. Yet, a name change and upgrade would be perfect for the future.

House of Phobia

The most creepy house is this one. But here again, the theming is pretty good in most of the rooms, but the story isn’t clear enough . While you are walking through, you don’t have the time to absorb the scenes and they are not specific enough to identify the several phobias. So not bad but some improvement can be done in the future with new fears.

Bazaar Bizarre

According to our group, this was the best maze. Here you receive some 3D glasses to walk through fluo rooms full of clowns. Beware, they will honk you ears and the mirror maze might make you feel lost! The glasses itself didn’t work that well unfortunately.

The Bug Escape

The newest maze is Bug Escape. Not really creepy but very family friendly. Here you can get lost into a wooden maze where you encounter gates. Solve the riddle to open the gate and go through until the end. An interesting concept, but it does have some pitfalls. Capacity wise it is not very easy to manage as groups need time to solve the riddles. Also you can encounter a fellow group pretty fast if they get stuck at a gate. As a whole, not a bad idea and that way the smaller children can have some fun as well. Bugs are an interesting Halloween theme and could be a concept for very creepy mazes as well.


No one wants to get wet in this type of weather of course!

Nightmare Motel

The permanent horror maze / escape room is of course very popular at Halloween as well. For 5 euro, you can experience the Nightmare Motel where besides scaring, there’s also a search for clues and more. Because of the price, we did not go in, but reviews have been mixed. A downside for example is that actors help you solve the riddles to save time, but understandable.

Scare Zones

The scare zones were a bit more disappointing. Of course it wasn’t dark, so it’s harder to create an atmosphere that way. But with only two or three actors, it’s even harder. During extended opening hours there are a lot more actors, but our impression is of course based on our visit.

Haunted Woods

In this area there are some creatures that scare you in the Adventure Valley zone of the park. Also King Kong, the permanent resident, does scare of the little ones.

Wicked West

The Western village of the park gets transformed with skeletons and more. It does feel as a harvest themed town and it is already the best themed area of the park.


Aaron Crow

Bobbejaanland usually has a spectacular show for Halloween and this year is no different. Illusionist Aaron Crow, who made it to the finals of Britain’s Got Talent, performs a few of his tricks with the crowd. A thrilling show as the tricks themselves involve a certain danger, so excellent for the Halloween period.


Besides Halloween, autumn is also a perfect time to visit parks in a colourful atmosphere.

Also this one is always around, pretty scary to me…

That’s it for the Halloween season! Bobbejaanland and many other parks across Europe will now close its gates. We can’t wait for them to reopen next year, but luckily there are still parks that remain open!

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