Halloween at European Theme Parks 2017

A new Halloween season has arrived and European theme parks have many events to die for… How scary do you want it to be? Well, there’s a lot of options available! Here’s this year’s overview of some of the many Halloween events!

Alton Towers  – Scarefest

Source: Alton Towers

* Haunted Houses: 4
* Scare Zones: 1
* Family Haunted House: 1
* Special Shows: 4
* Extra price: Yes, for the haunted houses

This year, Alton Towers opens a new haunted house in addition to the existing ones: “The Welcoming: Be Chosen”. A mysterious group is angered as we abuse the world’s natural resources. Every year, they celebrate their own way of Halloween with rituals celebrating the crossover between the living world and the dead. This time however, you are invited… If you dare of course…

Families can enjoy a lot of extra entertainment with different scary shows for them to enjoy. Next to that, you can of course ride the attractions in the dark!

Disneyland Paris  – Disney’s Halloween Festival

Source: Disneyland Paris
Source: Disneyland Paris

* Special parade: 2
* Special meet and greets: 6
* Extra price: No, except for the Halloween Soirée

This year, there is no big Halloween parade but two smaller ones: Mickey’s Halloween Tricycle gang which features the villains and more and Goofy’s Skeletoon Party. Next to that, Frontierland has a lot more decorations in the style of Coco. (Although not officially…)

Back again on the 31st of October is the Halloween Soirée! Dress up as your favorite Disney character and trick or treat at the many special meet ‘n’ greets.

Europa-Park  – Traumatica

* Haunted Houses: 5
* Scare Zones: 3
* Special parade: 1
* Special shows: 3
* Extra price: No, except Traumatica & “Spook Me & Dinner”

After ten years of Horror Nights, the event has changed completely to Traumatica. Witness 5 gangs and their mazes if you dare during this special night time event.

During the day, enjoy the Halloween transformation of the park with a special parade and the return of the “Spook Me” musical. Sounds tempting right?

Liseberg  – Halloween

* Haunted Houses: 3
* Scare Zones: 2
* Family Halloween Zones: 4
* Extra price: All-in-one ticket available or pay seperate per ride, also haunted houses

Liseberg has two new Halloween experiences. The newest haunted house is called: “The Attic”. It speaks for itself that you need to face your fear of the attic and see if you survive… The second novelty is a new ride: Haunted Mansion. A temporary ride for guests to enjoy.

Parc Astérix  – Peur sur le Parc

Source: Parc Astérix
Source: Parc Astérix

* Haunted Houses: 3
* Scare Zones: 1
* Special shows: 2
* Ride overlays: 3
* Extra price: No, except for the Nocturnes

“La Foire Aux 6 Trouilles” is a new scare zone to get terrified by the Halloween atmosphere. For the little ones, there is a “Étrange Atelier de sculpture de Citrouilles” where two artists show their skills on pumpkins.

Parque Warner  – Halloween 2017

Source: Parque Warner Madrid

* Haunted Houses: 3
* Family Haunted Houses: 1
* Scare Zones: 1
* Special parade: 1
* Special shows: 3
* Extra price: No, except for the “Expedientes Warren” maze

If you want to combine family fun and scary mazes for the adults, Parque Warner offers this type of experience. The heroes world turns a bit darker with the extra mazes. A new maze featuring scenes from the movies “The Conjuring” and “Annabelle” is the big addition this season, as well as the returning of the Freddy Krueger and Friday the 13th mazes. The Freakshow Scare Zone is also back this year with the presence of Pennywise, the clown of the recent movie IT.

PortAventura World  – Halloween

Source: PortAventura World

* Haunted Houses: 3
* Special parade: 1
* Special shows: 8
* Extra price: Yes, for the haunted houses

The lineup of shows changes every year so if you enjoy crazy stunts, rock music and elaborate lighting, this is the perfect event. As every year, the haunted houses include “[·REC]”, the Western themed maze “Horror in Texas” and the classic “La Selva del Miedo”, an open-air maze through the Polynesian jungle.

Movie Park Germany  – Halloween Horror Fest

Source: Movie Park Germany

* Haunted Houses: 7
* Scare Zones: 2
* Special shows: 2
* Family Haunted House: 1
* Ride Overlays: 2
* Extra price: No, except the maze: The Walking Dead

Movie Park Germany steps up their game once more after their most succesful Halloween last year. They introduce a new maze based on the movie “Hostel”, where you will definitely have a special experience. Sex is a big part of the theming, but don’t be fooled… There is also a new hypnotic show as well.

Thorpe Park – Fright Nights

Source: Thorpe Park

* Haunted Houses: 6
* Scare Zones:
* Extra price: Yes

Getting scared at Thorpe Park is easy and especially at Halloween. Yet, they introduced a brand new indoor- and outdoor maze themed to the popular series: The Walking Dead. Both “Sanctum” and “Living Nightmare” will make you tremble as the zombies take over the park.

Toverland   – Halloween

Source: Toverland

* Scare Zones: 8
* Extra price: No

As we wanted to feature a smaller park as well, we picked out Toverland. The park is growing every year and for this Halloween, they installed a stunning 8 scare zones in the park. Three of them are new: “Defeated”, “Villa Phobia” and “Screaming Swamp”.  Smaller visitors are protected with a magic wand that they can get at the park.

Walibi Belgium  – Enjoy the day, fear the night…

* Haunted Houses: 7
* Scare Zones: 4
* Family Scare Zones: 1
* Family Haunted House: 1
* Extra price: Yes, RIP Pass available for all mazes or paying seperatly

Walibi Belgium is ready for another horror Halloween. The newly prison themed house is called Bloc H, where guests will try to escape this highly secured prison. Outside, there is a new scare zone as well as some of the prisoners can have some fresh air. But is it a good thing?

Walibi Holland  – Halloween Fright Nights

* Haunted Houses: 6
* Scare Zones: 6
* Special Show: 1
* Extra price: Yes, Haunted houses have seperate tickets

Eddie The Clown, the Halloween icon in the Netherlands, is back and better than ever. He now has a fully dedicated scare zone where you can meet him. Of course, as this is one of Europe’s scariest Halloween events, they have a new haunted house: Below. Dare to go into the sewers of the park and face your fears…

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