GOLD RUSH is coming to Slagharen!

Attractiepark Slagharen recently announced their newest addition, Gold Rush! The new Gerstlauer Infinity launch coaster will replace the park’s popular Looping Star/ Thunder Loop roller coaster. The ride will feature three launches and will create an experience very unique to the Dutch theme park market!

Gold Rush will be themed after the California Gold Rush that started in 1984 and will stand nearly 31 meters tall. The new coaster will feature three linear synchronous motor (LSM) launches: two forward and one backward — reaching a top speed of just under 56 mph.achtbaan_door_diveloop-klein-600x399

The track will stretch roughly  400 meters long, this does not include the train traveling forwards and backwards on the track, meaning the train will cover more track length during the ride. In fact, each ride cycle will cover about 620 meters.

The ride will feature two inversions, a Top Twisted Hat (as they call it) and a Dive Loop. Other elements on the ride include a Sling Loop, which is a mix of an elevated helix and a large banked turn, as well as an overbanked turn and an airtime-filled camelback!baanverloop_met_uitleg_elementen-600x365

Gold Rush takes up significantly more space than Looping Star and thus will be beautifully integrated with the surrounding midway and attractions. The ride is still not very large compared to other attractions world wide, but it’ll be a perfect fit for the park! The ride time is about 55 seconds, and with a train of 20 riders, the expected capacity is 800 riders an hour, which is appropriate for the park! achtbaan_over_camelback-klein-600x429

Take a look at the “First Triple-Launch Coaster in the Netherlands”!

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