Germany is one of Europe’s most amazing countries when it comes to theme-parks! The country is literally filled with world-class well-known theme parks. To begin with the nation’s largest park; Europa-Park. Europa-Park opened in 1975 and is run by the Mack family. (Yes, coaster-manufacturers Mack). The park is the second most popular theme-park/resort in Europe, right after Disneyland Resort Paris. The park features a wide variety of themed lands, all themed after countries in Europe, in addition to which they have one of the strongest coaster line-ups on the continent. Thanks to the immersive experience the park delivers, it’s won the ‘Best Theme Park in The World’ title several times.

But that’s definitely not it. Germany is also home to Heide Park which has an outstanding coaster collection, offering classic Vekoma thrills, Intamin’s finest wooden and launched work, and the more popular B&M ones, like their star Dive Coaster: Krake and their Wing Coaster: Flug der Daemonen. – A park of similar importance is Phantasialand. Phantasialand is known around the world for their incredible theming, and unique attractions. There isn’t a single ride at the park that isn’t thoroughly themed. From indoor-drop towers, to a terrain-hugging half-underground Inverted Coaster. It’s a park worth visiting! Six Flags was once active in the country too, when they revitalized a Bottrop-Kirchellen park into Warner Bros. Movie World, now Movie Park Germany. Well known for their Nickland and great mix of themed and thrill rides!

The park industry in Germany is so diverse, we find a lot more parks. Such as sea-side Hansa Park with the new Gertlauer Hyper Coaster Karnan. Brands like Legoland call Germany their home too. Mountainous wonder-parks like Fort Fun that features a terrain log-flume and huge alpine-coaster. And then smaller parks that are in great hands and have some of the best rides, like Holiday Park with the brand new Sky Scream and the world famous Expedition Ge-Force, and Erlebnispark Tripsdill that features a new Gerstlauer launched Infinity Coaster; Karacho. Then there are small family-friendly theme parks like Bayern Park and Freizeitland Geiselwind.

To wrap it up, Germany has it all. From Hollywood film magic, to thrilling experiences, world-class coasters combined with the insane amounts of theming. Whether you want to ride one of Europe’s largest coasters, or would like to experience a tall indoor drop tower in a pitch black castle… Germany has it all!

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