Ferrari Land Update #5

This weekend we went to PortAventura to have some Christmas fun and to check the construction site of Ferrari Land! So get ready for our quick update!

As the coaster is now complete, construction is continuing inside the park. Unfortunately, this makes it harder to take pictures. But the most noticeable element is the 55 meter (180 feet) “bounce-back towers”, which have risen next to the coaster.

Ferrari Land

We were able to get a quick glimpse of the park through the surrounding fences. The main update inside is the theming of the Italian buildings, which is almost completely finished.

Ferrari Land

The construction crew is now focusing on the entrance to the main building: Ferrari Experience. It features a futuristic facade with red and black color shades.

Ferrari Land

In addition to that, new structures for buildings close to the park entrance have started to appear, which are said to host restaurants, shops and restrooms.

Ferrari Land

The railings of the karts attraction are being installed this week and testing for the coaster has begun! Mid-power tests were done last week, but only to a height up to the Ferrari shields, so let’s say only about half the height. This means that the day the top will be reached is very close! Unfortunately, we couldn’t get any photos of this during our visit 🙁 But to compensate you, here you have a beautiful sunset taken in the China area.

Ferrari Land

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