Ferrari Land Update #1

Welcome to everyone! We’re incredibly excited to offer our new audience, and our previous CCK established audience, updates, trip reports, and lots of information from EUROPE!

What better way to start off our European coverage than with the construction of Europe’s tallest and fastest coaster coming to Ferrari Land at PortAventura in 2017? 

Ferrari Land will be a 60,000m2 separate park addition to the current PortAventura Resort, and  will be located close to the Mediterranean area of the current park.  Here we take a look at the new park’s signature coaster, slated to be named Formula. The original rendering showed the coaster to have a huge airtime hill; however that was soon update (see below) with a new version without the hill. Construction photos back this up, with the coaster simply featuring a flat section leading into an incline into the break run. FL1

Here to greet us is… Woody Woodpacker! Introduced to PortAventura back in the Universal Studios days of the park. He’s showing off Europe’s newest insanity right behind him! Ferrari009

Here’s the gigantic tower from the other back-side. It’s only part of the tower that will be 112 meters tall! Ferrari033

With the giant Ferrari Logo, the structure is looking significantly different from the one found on Top Thrill Dragster and Kingda Ka! Ferrari003

Note the red elevator shaft within the structure. In case the train stalls on top, or maintenance needs to get to the top! Ferrari031

Another good luck at the rather interesting structure. Ferrari036

OH! Is that track right there?Ferrari022

It sure is! When we were near the park, one of the vertical track pieces went up, here it is being put right into place. Ferrari039

Here it is being lifted up to be installed! Ferrari007

Before we move on, let’s go back to before the new pieces of track were placed. This color scheme is actually pretty awesome we must say! Ferrari032

Ferrari024 Ferrari005

Taking a look at the track, note that this is the new generation Intamin track, as found on Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion in Virginia (USA) for example. Ferrari023 Ferrari027

Here are some more pictures of the track being installed. Ferrari040 Ferrari038

Lucky construction workers! We’d love a thrill like that! Ferrari004

The ride’s top speed will be 180 KM per hour. Which is pretty freaking nice! Ferrari008

Down this drop riders will slowly decelerate from a 180 KM per hour, to then go up a tiny bit and hit the block. More pictures of that soon! Ferrari025

Here’s another good look at the new double-spine track of Intamin that’s found on the coaster.  Ferrari016 Ferrari002

A cool thing to pay attention to, notice the increase of connectors between the two spines at the support stress-point.  😉Ferrari017

Let’s finish our first update with a shot of the track completion by the end of our visit in the area! Formula is going to be one heck of a coaster!Ferrari039

Thank you very much for reading our first ever European Coaster Kings update! One of a spectacular European project that is! Please keep in mind, all images found on this site, unless other wise stated, are owned by European Coaster Kings! Sharing them is fine, but only if credit to is given! – In mutual agreement, these images have also been uploaded to PA-Community.

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