Fēnix at Toverland opens July 7th!

One of the most anticipated coasters for 2018 opens in Toverland this year. Get ready for Fēnix, a brand new heavily themed Wing Coaster comes our way. And we finally have an opening date: July 7th!

Port Laguna

The new Wing Coaster is part of a major expansion for the theme park. First of all, they will move the entrance of the park to a whole new location. This new entrance area will be called Port Laguna, with an iconic light house tower in true Toverland style. This small port will be home to Via Magia, the boulevard/main street of the park, a special shop with preshow, a playground and space for a performance stage during the summer.

Source: Toverland


Of course an even more thrilling addition is the Wing Coaster Fēnix! The legendary bird will be 813 m long (2,667.3 ft), 40 m high (131.3 ft) and will reach a top speed of 95 km/h (59 mph). Oh, and don’t forget about the 3 inversions! In addition, Merlin’s Quest will be a boat tow ride to relax and have soothing ride through the new area. Construction is going fast and thus the first riders can start planning their visit for the beginning of July!

Source: Toverland

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