EuropeanCoasterKings 2.0 – A bright future

Ready…Set…GO! Prepare yourself for a whole new bunch of content. With the introduction of “EuropeanCoasterKings 2.0”, we want to reach the next level of entertainment. We have never been more excited to show you our vision of the future. But what does this mean?:

A personalized experience

We want you to know the people behind EuropeanCoasterKings. To make this possible, we will introduce every crew member on our Instagram page to get to know us. Feel free to ask questions and interact!

Our Instagram page


Meet us at the park

As you may already know, we love to use the Instagram story feature. We have been posting about our visits very frequently, and we want to keep it up and also use our Twitter site more. With the introduction of ourselves, we create new possibilities to interact with you, by meeting you live at the park. You will get to know us and now we would love to know more about you guys too.

Travel tips

There are so many parks in Europe that are worth visiting, but how can you get the most out of your visit? – with our new travel tips of course. We will release guides, that show you the must haves of several parks, the best places to eat and some insider tips. Please stay tuned.

More Content

More travel updates, more vlogs, more news, more photos, more of EVERYTHING… what more could you want…?!

Our YouTube page


Missing out on something? – let us know your ideas by writing us a message. Our goal is to enrich your European theme park knowledge and to celebrate our hobby even more with us. We want to deliver you a great experience – in many different ways. So feel free to let us know!

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