ECK Blog #2018-2 / New coasters and dark ride!

Hey everyone! It’s a new ECK blog to discuss some of the latest news in the European theme park world. This week we write about the future coaster plans of Walibi Belgium and Efteling! Also, we might find even more Indiana Jones in Disneyland Paris soon!

The station of Walibi Belgium’s Hyper coaster!

A Belgian French news site came forward with some new details of the future expansion plans of Walibi. Several new rides will be added in the coming years, but the most important one for us is of course the Hyper coaster in 2021. Artwork of the station is now found online which has an African vibe and will fit in the new Exotic World area. The station will be 610 m² and have a height of 7 m (+/- 22 ft ). It will have two floors where guests will board on the highest level.

The artwork looks amazing and seeing the other plans which include several restaurants and a lot of theming, Walibi Belgium is stepping up its game. It feels as if they want to go in the direction of Phantasialand. That can only be encouraged for it is a park with a lot of potential. Hopefully, this coaster will live up to its expectations to become one of the main reasons to visit the park. Still no word however on who will build it.

Source: Walibi Belgium / La Meuse

Indiana Jones Adventure at DLP?

We’ve been waiting for the Indy dark ride for a long time at Disneyland Paris but would it finally come true? The rumor, started on WDWMagic, is it that the Dinosaur dark ride would transform into the Indiana Jones Adventure dark ride. Moreover, the entire Dinoland USA would turn into a Indiana Jones themed area (Yes please!). The ride would close by the end of 2019. That’s all good, but what’s in it for us Europeans? Well, the budget for the ride would be split with Disneyland Paris! So if this rumor is true, it adds to the other rumor of a Indiana Jones themed area in Adventureland. The room for the dark ride waiting to be filled since 1992, so now all that is left is for Disney to start building. Personally, I LOVE the EMV ride system. So let’s start shaking people! Adventureland in DLP has only two big rides so it would be more than welcome to have this ride opening in the future. Plus a brand new ride needs to be built asap as it’s been since 1996!

Circus coaster at Efteling?

Dutch website Looopings has been revealing more and more about a future new coaster at Efteling. They claim that in 2020, the park will open a family launch coaster in a newly added piece of land for the park. This in the “Reizenrijk” area where the word “reizen” stands for travelling. That in mind, Efteling supposedly wants to built a circus themed ride. The coaster itself would be by Intamin and would have both a launch and lifthill. A possible story: guests are fired in a cannonball as one of the big acts of the show!

Our thoughts? Well, pretty mixed. The fact that they add a new family coaster is definitely a smart move. Symbolica attracted the 5 million guests they wanted by 2020 already last year. A launch is new for the park too, so it adds to the interesting mix of coasters (which includes two more family oriented coasters). Another rumor is that the Bob coaster might disappear soon as well. So yeah, no problems with that type of coaster. If it is similar to the wonderful Pégase Express at Parc Astérix, be my guest! The theme however is a different story. I’m sure Efteling will have its own approach of the circus theme but it is not very appealing to every one. Was there no other fairy tale or story to adapt instead? We’ll see when the park officially reveals anything.

Source: Babylon Puzzles / Anton Pieck

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