ECK Blog #2018-1 / Rising lifthills and coaster rumors!

Hey everyone! We’re back with the ECK blog to discuss last weeks bits of news in the European theme park world. A short summary in blog style to share our opinion on what’s going on! Last week, we saw several coasters under construction that are going along nicely!

Hyperion Lifthill

So you might have seen too that the Hyperion lifthill is complete! That means we are one step closer to the completion of Europe’s highest non-launch coaster in Energylandia. We will be (if all goes well) riding it in September so seeing this makes our heart pumping faster. We are so ready to see some test runs!

The Fenix rises

In Toverland, the construction on Fenix is going on as well. Last week it wasn’t ready yet, but as I was writing this article, at the end of the day it was! The beautiful blue track is popping out of the trees and it’s really awesome. The skyline for the park is definitely changing, with also a lighthouse tower coming in the new entrance zone! With the opening scheduled for the beginning of July, we hope that the testing can begin soon!

Source: Tessa Maessen (Twitter)

Frozen coaster for Walt Disney Studios?

On this “new” concept art for Hong Kong Disneyland, we can now see a Frozen coaster! The new land will open in the oversees resort in 2021. The former concept art did not have this coaster… So this might mean two things for our Paris resort! Number 1 being it a possibility for our park as well. The studios can definitely do with a second family coaster! Number 2 is that our concept art is far from final as well. Additions can apparently be released at any time which should be good news for us! Important sidenote however is that it might not be a new concept art at all but a different version which was not officially released.

Source: Disney

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