ECK Blog #2 – The Slammer, Dawson Duel, Hyperspace Mountain, Dragekongen, Batman VR and Wing Coaster Toverland

Blog post number 2!  Today we will be discussing the latest European coaster news  with more than enough coasters. Quite a few new ones that are opening this week! We also talk about saying goodbye to one of Europe’s most unique thrill rides.

Slammer at Thorpe Park

Sad news for the world’s only Sky Swat. Thorpe Park has confirmed on Twitter that the Slammer will remained closed this year and will be removed.

It definitely was one of the most insane rides at Thorpe Park but unfortunately, it had been suffering technical problems for a few years now. Due to its frequent break down times, we understand that the park wants to say goodbye to the ride. Its closure doesn’t come as a surprise but on the bright side, new land will be available for future additions. Some will miss it, others will be glad the world got rid of it…

Dawson Duel at Bellewaerde Park

Hurray! As of May 5th, Dawson Duel is now open at Bellewaerde Park! Walk up the wooden bridge all the way to the top to experience this family fun ride where you race against each other.

Source: Youtube – Bellewaerde Park

So far, we’ve heard that you don’t have to expect a thrilling ride at all. Bellewaerde Park’s main focus is families and so this ride is perfect for them. There are much better Alpine coasters out there, but visually this one is pretty stunning. The wooden supports are an excellent choice and it gives a dynamic to the area that you don’t see very often. Not bad!

(Hyper)Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris

After years of waiting and shaking, the new trains made by Vekoma have finally been added  to the most thrilling ride at Disneyland Paris. Last weekend, guests had the opportunity to participate in a soft opening with the new trains but in total darkness, while it’s being prepared for its conversion to Hyperspace Mountain. The new Star Wars overlay is set for 2017, but no news of what will happen afterwards.

Source: Youtube – Star Wars France

Finally! More comfort on this wonderful ride! It’s the third overlay for the biggest Discoveryland attraction and there are many opinions. When we look at the trains however, there is some good news for those, like me, who would love to see the return of the original Space Mountain. The design is not Star Wars related and instead we see for example the sun reference, inspired by the Columbiad canon. So once Star Wars is gone, we might by flying back to the moon…

Dragekongen at Djurs Sommerland

Testing! Dragekongen, the Intamin suspended coaster is close to opening. Fans have tested and on May 6th, the ride will open for the public. It’s the parks 6th coaster and eventhough it does not feature any inversions, with a top speed of 85 km/h (52.8 mph), it will definitely give the necessary thrills!

Source: Youtube – Djurs Sommerland

Intamin is on a roll for sure. After the success story of Taron in Phantasialand, this looks like another win. Although the manufacturer is less known for it’s suspended and inverted coasters, this one seems to be another jewel for the European theme parks. It says family coaster but is it really? Yes, children will be able to ride it, but will they dare? Don’t hear us complaining though, we definitely need to pay a visit to this park some time.

Batman VR at Parque Warner

Spain’s first VR coaster experience arrives thanks to Parque Warner and its B&M inverted coaster Batman, which has been rethemed to Arkham Asylum, the popular Batman videogames franchise. Of you ride with a VR headset by Samsung to experience this thrilling coaster in a whole different way.

The feedback has been great and Parques Reunidos will continue adding VR to its coasters, following the trend in the attractions industry that started last year. Bobbejaanland already has it on Revolution/Mount Mara and it worked perfectly (except capacity wise). Is it encouring us to pay a visit this year to the park? Not really and it’s a nice to have if you are not adding major attractions. Parque Warner can do with a new ride though, but we understand that they invest in the water park first.

Wing Coaster at Toverland

It’s confirmed people! Toverland is getting a B&M Wing coaster in 2018! It’s the first Wing coaster in the Benelux and the second B&M coaster (with the first one being Baron 1989 at Efteling). It will be installed in a whole new themed area for Toverland which will increase the parks size incredibly. Not only this coaster will be installed, but also a boat ride by Mack.

Source: Youtube – That Coaster Guy

Well done, Toverland! Excellent decision! This new expansion of the park will certainly attract more visitors. We believe it will be a stunning addition to the park and the coaster offer in the country. With Baron 1898 and Lost Gravity opening in the last few years, the urge to invest for Dutch park was bigger than ever. The presumed lay-out as seen above is pretty out-and-back. For a park like Toverland, it will be perfect but I don’t think we need to expect a high class thrill coaster. Still, a few parks are pinned in our agenda for 2018 and this one is pretty high on the list!

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