Disneyland Paris Update – Star Tours 2.0 and more – January 2017

Our first theme park of the year is once again Disneyland Paris. The choice of parks to visit this period is limited, but the Disney resort in Paris definitely has some good things to offer at the moment. But it’s the down season, which also means ride closure season. Check out the latest update on Star Tours: The Adventure Continues and more! 

At the moment, Disneyland Paris is celebrating its first Season of the Force. That means a lot more people at the Walt Disney Studios, but expect crowds at Disneyland Park as well. As the Studios had extra magical hours, we started at the main park. Here, the final construction at Fantasia Gardens is taking place, now the left side is being redone.

Take a good look here as it’s a rare sight to see Main Street Station in it’s normal form. In a few months, it will have a 25th celebration make-over with a led screen and main character windows.

Many attractions are closed, including La Tanière du Dragon. Sleep well, sweet dragon.

The morning was beautiful and Sleeping Beauty Castle looked stunning.

The Royal Castle stage is undergoing another transformation for the two new shows that will be displayed daily during the 25th celebration.

Other closed rides include Le Carrousel de Lancelot…

And Pirates of the Caribbean, which will most likely be welcoming Jack Sparrow and possibly other surprises when it reopens.

In Frontierland, the entrance is still under construction. Same applies for the Lucky Nugget facade.

As the river was mostly frozen, Mark Twain remained closed all day.

Totally back however is Big Thunder Mountain! It feels so good to hear and see the mine train riding around its island again.

Also back are the geysers near the river, but these were frozen solid too.

In the Studios, they updated the few meet ‘n’ greets of the park. For example this new photo op with Goofy in the Front Lot.

And the new Mickey is now to be found everywhere around the resorts.

The Moana/Vaiana meet ‘n’ greet also received new signs to make it more clear how to find her. The only confusing part is the permanent exit sign of the Art of Disney Animation building…

The highlight of the Studios park right now, is of course Season of the Force! We will launch a separate article to discuss and review the event. So back to Disneyland Park where it was time for the soon-to-stop Magic on Parade!

No princess carriages at the moment, for they are getting updated for the new parade. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White are on the first float instead of the fairies and wizard.

Howdy, Woody! Yes, we’ll be seeing you back in the new parade too!

The Simba animatronic will retire as well, but a younger version will be in the front of the new float.

The Jungle Book will return as well in another new float.

Not only Mickey is replaced in it’s new version, Minnie Mouse as well!

Tinkerbell, who is now the secret ending of this parade, will get a starring role in the new one as she will be on the first float!

Discoveryland is once again, construction land. Barely a ride open and a lot of green fences.

This one here will soon return as Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain: Rebel Mission. What a name…

At the back of the mountain, we peeked at the construction of Star Tours: The Adventure Continues and the new meet ‘n’ greet with Darth Vader.

On top of the former shop, which will reopen as the meet ‘n’ greet, we see the new X-wing getting it’s final touches. The new look of the building is also visible due to the paintjob on the border of the platform.

They are now working on completing the entrance structure, as they are finishing the special designed roof.

Near the site, you can see that they need a lot of products to complete the whole process.

It’s not April yet, but there’s still some work to do here. And we don’t even know how far along they are inside.

We conclude with these two shots of my personal favorite attractions and both parks: Big Thunder Mountain with its new light package and Tower of Terror looking absolutely amazing with the project mapping used for the Star Wars spectacular at the end of the day. So check back on our site for that article!

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