Disneyland Paris Construction Update – March 12th/13th

We talked about the year of construction at Disneyland Paris and it was time to discover it for ourselves. How far are they with the improvements to the existing rides? The biggest construction project, of course, is going on in Frontierland, and we got a large picture update of the Big Thunder Mountain refurbishment and more!

Immediately, when you arrive at the resort, you are confronted with the well-known green construction walls. Work in Fantasia Gardens continues as the pavement gets refreshed and the fountain in front of the Mickey flowerbed is being refurbished.


Here you see that the rumors are true. All the name tiles are removed and all we see is brown dirt…

Once past the gates, get ready for some new confrontation. The Disneyland Railroad station in Main Street remains closed, but luckily they decorated it well.


When you pass by with the train, they clearly didn’t want anything to be seen, as all you see is a tight thick wall .

Fantasyland has one ride that’s currently closed: Peter Pan’s Flight. Not much can be seen, except that the roof of the Fast Pass tent has been taken off.

A smaller construction in Fantasyland is the refurbishment of the It’s A Small World fountain. They were clearly not finished yet.

In Adventureland, Adventure Isle is being refurbished as well. The Swiss Robinsons tree is undergoing full repaint, and effects will be restored as well.

The scenes will be renovated, so that guests will be able to walk around the tree in style once more.

But not only the tree is getting such treatment! Skull Rock is all covered up as well.

Every inch of rock has been taken over by the fences, as they need to redo the whole skull. They are repainting, which was quite necessary apparently as you can see here.

On the Indiana Jones side, we see that no work is being done on the bridges of the island at the moment. Probably because they were done a few years back already.

At night, they have these balloon lights to light up the area, which delivers these kinds of shots.

In Frontierland, the Cowboy Cookout Restaurant was closed, which will hopefully reopen soon as it is a very cool restaurant when it comes to theming. On top of that, it’s close to the newest show of the park which attracts many guests towards that area.

But more importantly, in Frontierland guests find the E-ticket of the land: Big Thunder Mountain. A few months after construction began, there’s still a lot of work to be done.

When we walk up to the exit of Phantom Manor, you can see the paint work on the side of the mountain. You clearly see how the concrete changes into dirt here, which is of course covered up when the lake is full.

Here’s a look at the station. Almost everything will be renewed and repainted.



The Photo Booth is being refurbished as well!

At the back, Pocahontas Indian Village is closed down as well. The old entrance to the River Keelboats is used to stock parts and more for the improvement of the ride.

The bottom part of the mountain seen here can really use a layer of new paint!

When we peek in near the Shootin’ Gallery, the Riverboat Landing Station is a weird sight without any water.

Now let’s look at the front. They constructed small bridges to make sure they do not damage the track for the Riverboat Landing.

The center of the ride will get its make-over later on. With the weather getting sunnier and warmer, they should be able to get more work done, soon.

By taking the Disneyland Railroad, we can take a look at the back side of the lake. Here the arch is also waiting for its renovation. It’s hard to find a good view to see construction on the geysers, which is on the right side here.

And look who’s all wrapped up, waiting for its water! It’s the Mark Twain!

Finally it’s night mode! Here’s the view from Phantom Manor. Once again a strange sight to see the river without any water. Lights are put up along the track of the Riverboat Landing and on the mountain itself.

Here’s the splash drop of the coaster. The effects will most likely be put to its original state as well.

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