Colossos – Die Legende

The amusement industry has recently been riding the motif of restoration and reinvention. With countless coasters around the world being re-tracked, re-worked, re-painted, or re-themed, it is only fair that Europe’s tallest and fastest wooden roller Colossos coaster celebrates its 15th birthday with a reinvention into Colossos – Die Legende.

For the uninitiated, Colossos at Heide Park in Germany is one of a handful of Intamin built pre-fabricated wooden roller coaster. A pre-fabricated wooden coaster is laser cut prior to the construction process thus assembled much quicker. In addition, these Intamin models us polyurethane wheels, as opposed to the tradition steel wheel found on most wooden roller coasters. Standing at a massive 196 ft including a stunning 159 ft drop at 61 degrees, Colossos is still one of the world’s tallest and most intense wooden roller coasters. 15 years of operation, and for its birthday, it is receiving a brand new theme.

According to the statement released by the park, the legend goes that the tree people created a massive monument to protect and connect the tree world with the next. Colossos is the guardian of the tree world even after the passing of the tree people, or perhaps they haven’t yet left? Colossos – Die Legende is the only thing visible at its towering height, and thus is a connection from the tree world to the mysterious cloud world. Nothing is nearly as tall. It is tradition that on their twelfth birthday, the tree people would attempt to conquer Colossos in a test of courage.

Through ancient drawings and notes, guests will learn important knowledge to aid them on their quest of courage, and many guests have been said to have heard the whisperings of the tree people themselves. The area will be adorned with masks, tapestries, and wooden shrines. Guests must complete tasks on their way to the test, those who learn the secrets, complete the tasks, and prove their bravery are bestowed the great honor of becoming part of the tree people’s community. (Full press release in German here)

Although this type of fantastical theme doesn’t lend itself to an English translation, we really do like the general idea. Mythological type themes can work very well with wooden coasters such as Cu Chulainn at Tayto Park in Ireland, although this seems to be to an even greater extent. Any roller coaster with a story behind it adds to the experience, and makes riders feel more immersed, especially in this case in which the story makes the coaster a feat to conquer.

Despite the details being a bit vague, the surrounding area sounds like it will be well themed with ancient drawings, notes, masks, tapestries, and wooden shrines, which is already quite a long list. In addition, the potential whispers could hint at a soundtrack in the queue area. Although they’re not specified, the press release states that there will be tasks to complete in line so hopefully some fun queue interaction comes of this retheme. Lastly, the old logo will be removed to make way for an awesome brand new one, emphasizing its 15 years of operation.


Overall, Colossos – Die Legende is an appropriate rebirth of a legendary coaster. This type of mythic retheme can work very well for these types of rides, and it sounds as though the park is going all out to make that happen. Thanks so much for reading as always, we really do appreciate it.

So what do you think of the re-theme, comment below and let us know!

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