Christmas Trip Report: Disneyland Paris – December 2016

2017 is finally here! We are looking forward to many new coasters and more. But, the 2016 season isn’t over yet in some parks. One of those is Disneyland Paris that is still celebrating the Christmas season. We were there last month right before Christmas and here’s a seasons greetings Christmas report!

Our day started at the Walt Disney Studios! Thanks to the Annual Pass offer, we could bring people in this year until December 25th at lower price (35 euro weekdays, 45 euro weekend). So we had to take advantage of that as it’s the first time that the offer was during the Christmas season! Luckily it wasn’t too busy on the day we went. As we wanted to enter the park, I saw something I had never seen before. At first I thought it was an extra security check but in fact, the right side gates were all closed due to refurbishments. Because of this, they made a long queue in front of a large tent where cast members checked your tickets. Eventhough this is clearly temporary and not very appealing visually, it seemed quite a good system.

So how did we enter the park then? Well, I finally walked through the Studios gates for the first time! (Usually it’s only open for special events).

When walking through Studio 1 and entering Production Courtyard, there was very clear constructions visible. This has to due with the upcoming Season of the Force of course! The projectors and screens are being installed for the finale show that will be projected on the Tower of Terror!

As you might have seen on Instagram, our first ride of the day was Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster! We had to wait a bit until it finally opened and it was worth the wait as usual. I do have to say, I wouldn’t mind if the theme would change in the future at all. The preshow is getting a bit boring… even for a nostalgic fan.

New for the winter season in the Walt Disney Studios was a meet ‘n’ greet with Moana/Vaiana!

It’s pretty well hidden in the Art of Disney Animation building so before 11 am (first meet), you could only queue after doing the ride or sneaking on the right side. We arrived ten minutes before and there was already a 40 minute line. For once we waited as it was nice and warm inside (luckily for her as well!)

It was also my first time seeing Mickey and the Magician. We were in line half an hour early to be sure to have a seat and with good reason. The show is crazy popular, which is pretty normal. It’s probably the best show the resort has ever seen but don’t put the expectations too high either. Live singing, magic tricks and your favourite characters. An excellent mix for the whole family but personally, the stage was a bit empty from time to time.

There was a bit more Christmas decoration than usual at the Studios but it still isn’t how it should be. Let’s see if next year with the 25th celebration, they will invest in a bit more atmosphere as the park can really use it.

Our lunch was at Earl of Sandwich at Disney Village. As usual, there were some Christmas stands selling traditional treats.

Disneyland Park was up next, having almost all its rides open! The pavement in Fantasia Gardens was the first thing I noticed, as it missed the former name tiles…

Main Street U.S.A. had it’s Christmas atmosphere as it should be. We were lucky also that as we passed through, there was a snow moment!

We walked west to Frontierland who, after passing through construction on the entrance and the Lucky Nugget, looked pretty good. Goodbye green fences, hello Big Thunder Mountain!

Fresh water, fresh paint and sound effects! The wildest ride in the wilderness is back and better than ever before. Near the Pocahontas Village, you can now find a little house covering up the CO2 tanks of the new effects.

We didn’t ride just yet as the queue was too long and walked towards Indiana Jones and the Temple of Pearl. Here the queue had a fresh touch as well, for example here!

It was nice and cold day, as it should be in December, it was also getting dark early. The castle was getting nicely lit but by the time parade started, it was completely dark.

We had a nice spot to view the parade when it would come from the It’s A Small World side as always. This time however, it came from the other side so we quickly found a spot that was still okay.

Fan favorites: Elsa and Anna!

“Hey you, enjoy Magic on Parade while you still can!”

Too cold for Mickey to be on top!

After the parade, it was time to visit Discoveryland! Here, the Nautilus was looking very good and we had to ride Space Mountain: Mission 2 with it’s old trains of course!


A quick visit on the other side brought us to the construction at Star Wars land. That new X-wing fighter is already looking good! It was hard to see more in the dark, but it’s best to wait until March anyway when it finally reopens!

Final ride of the day was back at Frontierland. The Vekoma Mine Train really is back, with the new effect being wonderful. Personally I find it one of the best coasters to experience out there. I did notice that the wheels seem to be different than before, a little more ruff but less the feeling that they could fly of at any second. So I was glad to have my favorite ride at Disneyland Park back up and running again.

To finish, enjoy these final shots of the Christmas atmosphere. It had been more than a half year since I had been to the park because of all the construction going on. Yet, I’m glad to see that the results are stunning. This year’s 25th celebration will sure be a blast! But my next visit, will be a blast to a galaxy far far away…

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