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Ride Review: Symbolica – Efteling

We know you all like coasters, but from time to time themeparks impress us with other types of rides. Efteling for example is know for it’s unique dark rides. This year, in light of their 65th birthday, a new palace has risen from the grounds with a new major one: Symbolica.  Continue reading Ride Review: Symbolica – Efteling

Trip Report: Efteling – July 2016

The wonderful theme park in the Netherlands is another top 20 park in Europe that we visited this summer. It truly is a themed park with a broad history, it’s own character and much more. Would you want to visit this world of wonder?  Continue reading Trip Report: Efteling – July 2016

Symbolica: Update #1

Usually we limit ourself to coaster construction updates, but from time to time, we’ll make an exception. One of those is the construction of the ride opening in 2017 in Efteling! Symbolica will be a 35 million euro (38.7 million dollar / 29.9 million pound) dark ride inspired by the park’s mascot: Pardoes. Here’s a first look! Continue reading Symbolica: Update #1