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Plopsaland De Panne Update – Heidiland Officially Open – April 2017

Hey guys! Today we’re going to talk about a new coaster that finally opened: Heidi The Ride. Besides that, we walked through Plopsaland De Panne to see how things are going and if they performed any refurbishments during the winter. Ready? Continue reading Plopsaland De Panne Update – Heidiland Officially Open – April 2017

Halloween Review: Bobbejaanland

The final day of the Belgian theme park season was last Sunday on November 6th. Only Plopsaland De Panne and Plopsa Indoor Hasselt will still be open on selected days. Zoo Pairi Daiza, the biggest touristic attraction in Belgium, had it’s final day yesterday November 13th. But before we really get into the winter season, let’s do one final Halloween post!  Continue reading Halloween Review: Bobbejaanland

Heidi The Ride: Update #3

Yesterday we were kindly invited by Plopsaland De Panne to attend the ‘Night of the Annual Passholders’ event. We will do coverage of the event itself later, but as coaster fans, we wanted to do a Heidi The Ride update first! Unfortunately, the ride did not open its gates but it’s fully ready to accept the first guests any time soon! So here’s the final update before Heidi starts riding!  Continue reading Heidi The Ride: Update #3

The New Big 7 of Walibi Belgium

Walibi Belgium had a special campaign running in 2009 and 2010 called the Big 7. Seven rides that were unique for the park in Belgium. A fun marketing idea which we want to continue on. But years have passed and now, Walibi has more to offer then back then. Experience the New Big 7 of the park right here! Continue reading The New Big 7 of Walibi Belgium