Bobbejaanland opens Triple Launch Coaster in 2019!

Yesterday, the European theme park news was of course all about the major additions coming to Disneyland Paris. The coaster news however, came from Bobbejaanland in Belgium. The park announced a new coaster coming to the park in 2019!

Setting the scene

Parques Reunidos, the mainly European theme park group, invests in the future of its parks. Last year, new coasters opened in both Attractiepark Slagharen and Movie Park Germany. Gold Rush and Star Trek: Operation Enterprise are quite loved by fans. The future of Mirabilandia brings a brand new themed area to the park branded with Ducati. The plan includes a double Maurer Motorbike coasters. However, there was another larger park in the group that needed some love and finally will get it: Bobbejaanland.

The theme park in Belgium has some special coasters such as the second Gerstlauer Eurofighter: Typhoon. Also Revolution is the only Vekoma Illusion coaster in the world. Still none of the coasters are iconic enough to draw major crowds like the parks nearby such as Phantasialand. To counter, the park opens its newest coaster since 2011.

Triple launch

What kind of coaster can we expect? Well, it looks like it will be similar to Gold Rush. A triple launch coaster from the German Gerstlauer. But there’s an important sidetone! It will be the highest, fastest and steepest rollercoaster with the most inversion in the Benelux. Besides Gold Rush, there is only one other triple launch coaster in that area: Pulsar. The PowerSplash of Walibi Belgium is 45 m (147.7 ft) high and has a top speed of 101 km/h (62.8 mph). Question is, does Bobbejaanland consider it as a real coaster or not? So will it top those stats? It certainly would make the coaster quite impressive.

What’s more is that the coaster will be part of a new themed area at the park. It seems that the major thrill rides of the park will be closely together, cause the Sledge Hammer (a Huss Giant Frisbee) and Typhoon will also be part of this area. It’s unclear what the theme will be, but more will be revealed in the future.

We’re of course very excited because of this news and you might consider an annual pass for the park starting from next year. With that you are able to ride both Gold Rush, Star Trek: Operation Enterprise and this brand new coaster! Fans have been quite negative about the park, but Bobbejaanland finally realized that to compete with Phantasialand, Toverland and Walibi Belgium, investing is a must!

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