Beach Parque Warner

Water rides in theme parks are most popular in summer, which is logical. But some theme parks have a pool attached to the park for the ultimate cool down! In Europe, there aren’t many outdoor ones, but today we’re discussing one of them : Beach Parque Warner! 

Beach Parque Warner opened in 2014. It was an investment of 8.5 million euro (9.5 million dollar / 7.2 million pound) right next to the popular coaster: Superman. The water park opened due to a high demand for more aquatic facilities, despite the four existing water rides.

4,000 guests can enjoy the water fun daily and because of that capacity, there is no separate entrance. You can only visit the water park, when entering Parque Warner itself. The water park is themed with the IP of the Looney Tunes, Scooby Doo, Yogi Bear and The Flinstones.

The entrance fee was 9.99 euro (11.15 dollar / 8.42 pound) and once in the park you also pay 5 euro (5.58 dollar/ 4.21 pound) for a locker. Same tariff applies if you also want to rent a towel. Hammocks and parasols however are free of charge to use.

What to do at the park? Well, there are several ways to get wet. First of all there is the Playa Malibu. On this beach area you can relax or enjoy a wave pool with Stuntfall in the background. On the right side of the pool, there is also an exclusive VIP area.

Secondly, there are a few small slides in the Agua Aventura area. In this play park for the taller children, you have a narrow green slide and a blue slide with a bowl. A large water bucket is also included!

The main ride of the park is most certainly Rio Loco, the lazy river of the park. Now you might be thinking, how can it be the main ride? It’s just a lazy river… Well, it does indicate one of the flaws of the park but luckily, it’s not just a lazy river. Next to a tunnel, it also features a large tank that gets filled and then unleashed its large amount of water into the river.

For the little ones there is also a small version of Agua Aventura: ¡Todos Al Agua! Basically it’s a children water play area. Secondly there’s Baby Olas, a small kiddie pool next to the large wave pool. Everywhere, you can see the several Cartoon characters that Parque Warner if famous for. Ready to pose in your bathing suit next to Scooby?

Swimming makes you hungry after a while, so they have a restaurant and a snack-point. At BBQ Gran Kahuna, you can eat burgers, stub, steaks and more, right next to the Flinstones.

If you just want an ice cream or slush, El Embarcadero is the place to be.

Beach Parque Warner is perfect for a few hours to cool down in the heat of the Spanish sun. But thrill seekers will be disappointed. No large water slides or exciting water rides. So is it worth the price? Honestly, I think not. Annual passholders have a discount, so no free entrance, but there are other ways to get in cheaper. There was a promotion for a return ticket for the theme park at a price lower than the regular entrance. Also when booking a hotel, the VIP package is included. So if you would like to visit the water park, have a look for an interesting offer.

To end, check out our overview video of the park!

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