6 World Records for Klugheim

On June 30th, Klugheim will open its gates. The long anticipated Taron will launch guests through the newly opened area but it won’t be the only coaster! Families will be able to enjoy Raik, the family boomerang, as well. But did you know that they will break six world records? In preparation of the opening event, here’s an overview of what to look forward to!

The former ‘Western City’ held a dark ride ‘Silbermine’ and ‘Wildwasserbahn’, one of the longest log flumes ever built. Both have been demolished a few years ago, with aching hearts for fans, but with good reason. A new area with a theme to fit both Mystery Castle and River Quest, nearby top attractions of the park will soon open to the public: Klugheim.

On May 29th, invitees will be able to experience the area first hand. The day after, everyone will be able to walk in the medieval village. For months fans and enthusiasts had been watching how the stone structures erupted from the ground. We still have to wait until then to see the details of the area and more. But Phantasialand claims six records with the opening of Klugheim. Here an overview.

1 Raik: Fastest family boomerang coaster in the world

Family boomerang coasters are pretty recent. Only five are built around the world with one still under construction. The first one opened in 2011 in Drayton Manor (UK), which was Ben 10 – Ultimate Mission. It is a standard model that was copied two times, in small parks in France and Vietnam. The sixth one that will be built in India will also be a standard one. They all reach a max. speed of 60 km/h (37 mph) The only custom one open to date is the newly Velociraptor at Paulton’s Park (UK). It reaches 64 km/h (40 mph).  So obviously Raik will be faster and will have a decent speed for a family coaster!

2 Raik: Longest family boomerang coaster in the world

As mentioned, four of the six family boomerang coasters are standard models, all with a length of 185 m (606.9 ft). Velociraptor is a bit longer: 200 m (656.2 ft) and so Raik will at least be this long. When looking at the video above, chances are that Raik will be the best one out there. The theming looks wonderful, families will fall in love. It may seem a small coaster next to Taron, but it will have a lot to offer.

3 Taron: Fastest Multi-Launch coaster worldwide

A multi-launch coaster has always been the description of this new Intamin coaster. At least two launches will take guests through the world of Klugheim. This was mentioned nearby the attraction itself. Also mentioned was that it is the fastest multi-launch coaster in Europe (beating Helix with 100 km/h or 62 mph), but now they also say in the world. The fastest multi-launch coasters that we could find were Full Throttle at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Maverick at Cedar Point and Volcano: The Blast Coaster at Kings Dominion. All three have a top speed of 112.7 km/h (70 mph) so Taron should be at least a tad faster!

4 Taron: The longest multi-launch coaster in the world

The single longest launch coaster is situated in Disney California Adventure: California Screamin’. It has a decent length of 1,850.7 m (6,072 ft). For multi-launch coaster, Helix is the current ruler with 1,381 m (4,530.8 ft). So what about Taron? Well, probably something in between. Longer is not a guarantee to be better of course, but since the coaster covers the whole themed area, this was a logical record.

5 Taron: World record amount of intersections

“The tracks cross over an unequaled 116 times of the layout, 58 track intersections – that is a world record for a multi-launch coaster!” Basically, the tracks are just all over the place, crossing each other a lot, making it a visual masterpiece to look at. This makes it not very easy to describe the full layout of Taron. So yes, it might be a record, but this just makes it pretty to look at, especially due to the theming.

Pic: Phantasialand

6 Taron: Most intense catapult drive (LSM) worldwide

The shorter the launch and the higher the speed, the more intense a launch will be. And when looking at the soon-to-open Taron, the launches are short but will catapult trains up to speeds faster than we’ve seen before on multi-launch coasters. Pretty much promising that the ride will not only have crazy elements and transitions, but also an intense acceleration. Adding yet another record-breaking experience-making aspect to the ride!

Some of the records are of course chosen marketing wise, but in the end, Klugheim will be one of the best themed areas in a European theme park. The rock work is amazing, the two coasters (which is exceptional to open two at once) look amazing and the atmosphere will appeal to many guests. Ready for June 30th?

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