The 50 Coasters of 2016: All-Stars

We owed them to you and here they are: the 10 All-Star Coasters of Europe! Our series of the 50 Coasters of Europe 2016 has finally come to an end! You had to wait a bit, but we decided to share our Valentine with our favorite coasters in Europe. Our choices are based not only on thrill, but also on experience, theming, setting, originality and more. Let’s get started!

Our love for the following 10 coasters is not just best in thrill or best themed but the whole package. They impress us for various reasons and we’re lucky that we are able to ride them right here in Europe. So if you haven’t, here are the coasters to put on your to-ride list!

Helix (Liseberg, Sweden) ♥

One of the latest additions at Liseberg is Helix, a Mack multi-launch coaster that, like other coasters at the park, uses the slope of the mountain to take riders through drops, turns, inversions and launches. On top of that, it features a wonderfully fitting soundtrack by IMAscore. The coaster was designed with feedback from fans, so we did have our say in the end result. Altogether, it put Liseberg on the coaster map with this excellent piece of steel.

Source: Liseberg

Wildfire (Kolmarden, Sweden) ♥

Wildfire is a giant new wooden coaster located in the beautiful Kolmarden park in Sweden. The ride’s setting is not the only amazing part about this ride, as the ride is the world’s biggest wooden coaster designed by no other but Rocky Mountain Construction. The giant topper-track wooden coaster is 1,265 m (4,150 feet) long , features a 49 m (160 feet) tall drop, a giant stall, multiple overbanked turns, compact turns, corkscrews and crazy airtime hills! The park’s huge investment is an impressive attraction that reaches speeds of 115 km/h (72 miles per hour) and definitely belongs in the 50 best coasters in Europe. We can only hope that it reopens soon!

Taron (Phantasialand, Germany) ♥

What is better than a new coaster? Two new coasters and a new area. With 3 world records, Taron is the fastest multi-launch coaster of the world. Step in and feel the speed of 117 Km/h (72,7 miles per hour) while you rush through Klugheim. Plenty of “Near-Miss” Effects and the devoured layout makes this coaster a special one. Paired with a beautiful soundtrack from IMAscore and a beautiful scenery, Taron is a MUST-RIDE for every rollercoaster and theme-park fan! Most of us agree that this is the true king of the European coasters for 2016!

Expedition Geforce (Holiday Park, Germany) ♥

Many call it the best steel coaster in Europe and some even in the whole world. Expedition Geforce is an airtime packed steel coaster by Intamin, located in Holiday Park Germany. The park was taken over by the Belgian Plopsa group a few years ago and they give it Sky Scream nearby. But the two are competing on a whole different level. Geforce is custom made in 2001 but still provides plenty of airtime as it is what it’s most known for. It’s arguable if it’s the best one out there, but it will keep on having loads of fans for as long as it runs for sure.

Schwur des Kärnan (Hansa Park, Germany) ♥

The second tallest coaster in Europe (together with Silver Star) is Gerstlauer’s first Hyper Coaster. As usual Gerstlauer makes things differently, and the coaster has not a lot to do with traditional B&M or Intamin Hypers. It incorporate a lot of special features, like a the world first reverse drop on the lift hill (located in an 80m / 262 feet high tower which is larger than the original) and an heartline-roll  after the final brake run. The coaster is above all noticeable by its 90 degrees drop, but it also has an aesthetic unique combination of hills and twits. It truly is unique because of its layout and airtime that proves once more Gertlauer’s capacity to create innovative and unique rides.

Source: Hansa-Park

Shambala (Port Aventura World, Spain) ♥

The highest operative roller coaster in Europe in 2016 brings airtime and smoothness to all its riders. Featuring a new type of turn in B&M hypers, the “ampersand”, plus a splash zone as a highlight of the ride, Shambhala stands out for its speed and height. Taller isn’t always better, but here it’s definitely the case! It also has a unique theming, as it is in the Chinese area of the park. Single rider queue, quick pass system… it has it all! Plus don’t forget the marvelous view on your way to the top! Shambala is fun ensured and well worth a visit to Port Aventura!

Goliath (Walibi Holland, The Netherlands) ♥

Goliath located at Walibi Holland is an Intamin steel coaster. It is the tallest coaster in the Benelux and another airtime machine. With it’s cable lift, you are at the top in no time and that’s when the real fun begins. After it’s Stengel Dive, you have the powerful helixes halfway and right before you hit the brake, the best one in our opinion. Always getting the feeling you will fly through the station! It’s the best thing Six Flags has given Europe and it’s still a fan favorite.

Nemesis (Alton Towers, United Kingdom) ♥

After more than 20 years, Nemesis is still one of the best coasters out there. Only 13 meters (42 feet) high it is quite a thrilling coaster, partly due to its speed of 80 km/h (50 miles/h). Next to that, it has a lot of natural theming. The ravines that were made to keep the coaster below the treeline are incredible and who doesn’t love the red river (maybe this part is a bit less natural)? In 2016, it got repainted completely, making it look brand new. So if you haven’t ridden it, time to plan a visit to Alton!

Troy (Toverland, The Netherlands) ♥

One of Europe’s best GCI coaster is in the Netherlands. Troy is located in a park you probably wouldn’t have heard of if it weren’t for this coaster: Toverland. This large twisty woodie put the park on the map and is a perfect example of GCIs famous wooden coasters with a station fly-by, slanted drops, quick transitions and airtime. This coaster stands a 31,9 m (105 feet) tall and features a 30,7 m (100 feet) drop after which it reaches its top speed of 86,9 km/h (54 miles per hour) to rush through 1.077,02 m (3,534 feet) of twisted wooden tracks! As one of Europe’s first GCI woodies, it belongs on this list if you ask us!

Lost Gravity (Walibi Holland, The Netherlands) ♥

There were two Mack rides for the Walibi parks this year: Pulsar and Lost Gravity. The first one made it in our favorites of West Europe. The second one however deserves a spot here. Lost Gravity is not your typical coaster. It starts with a hell of a drop. Especially in the special ‘winged’ seats, you really have a mind-blowing experience. Then, it takes you to the special over-banked top hat. What comes next is not a straight to end run, but a flow of acceleration and deceleration. And let’s not forget the two inversions, the fire effects and the helicopter with a DJ at the entrance! Our team decided on this one being the last addition to the list of 2016, making Walibi Holland a definite European coaster destination. And if we can believe the current park director, we can expect more in the future! Well done!

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